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Monday, October 22, 2012

Sparty's Holiday Head

I've never been a fan of special-slash-throwback-slash-legacy uniforms and helmets. They're pulled out so often, there's nothing special about them.  Plus, in an effort to top one's last special-slash-throwback-slash-legacy concoction, they get more and more outrageous and have less and less to do with anything resembling the school's "normal" look.  I mean, what the hell was that "Shit-legal-said-we-don't-have-the rights-from-ND-to-use-their-uniforms-in-our-crappy-ass-D-level-college-football-video-game-for-the-Xbox!-Quick-make-something-up!" look the Irish wore against Miami this year?

And enough with the all black uniforms by everybody.

Seems this season that, even if a school's colors are white and off white, you can still be sure they'll come out in all black duds at some point (or four). Each and every weekend another school gets its Darth Vader on, school colors be damned.  All black unis are officially now the Seven Nation Army of "special" uniforms.

Last Saturday, Michigan State limited their "special" uniform to their helmets.  And yes, they stood out - but not in a good way:

(pic via Uni Watch)

Yes, I'll wait to give your eyes a second to re-adjust.

Called "HydoChrome" helmets, they were, uh, shiny.  In fact, I thought they looked like a bunch of green Christmas ornaments running around on the field (okay, not really "running" since Michigan's defense shut Le'Veon Bell down).

Look, everybody can't be Oregon.  The different-every-week is their schtick.  And black can't be one of your school colors if it's not one of your school colors.  And Nike/Adidas/Scool ADs, just because you call it a "special" jersey, fans aren't stupid enough to spend $80 to buy another one with an extra stripe or two each season (tell me you're not stupid enough).

So let's get back to a school having actual home and away uniforms rather than more costume changes than a Broadway musical.


defensewinsgames said...

I thought they were Sprite bottle caps!

Mikoyan said...

If you think those are ugly, you should see what EMU has been trying to pawn off as green and white these days.

Ramona said...

So with you on this, Yost.