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Monday, October 08, 2012

Michigan/Ohio State Rivalry Being Used for Presidential Politics

We don't do politics here on the MZone.  That way lies madness.  But when politics crosses over into the college football world, then it's fair game.

Case in point, the anti-Romney ad below which ran Friday in the Tosu student newspaper, The Lantern.

As the BuzzFeed headline on the story perfectly states: The Ohio Democratic Party Plays the College Football Card.

And, again per Buzzfeed, here's the clean ad:

Allow me to reiterate the MZone's political neutrality before I state for the record that if you're basing your choice for President of the United States of America on a football rivalry, maybe you shouldn't be voting.

(Big HT to SiC)


carl tabb said...

What?! I can't think of any better basis for deciding one's vote. CFB is all that matters.

Yost said...

LOL, Carl. And there are those who will do just that.

phil said...

Yost, I have you scheduled in a nationwide debate vs. Cardale Jones. I thought since neither of you have actually played a down this year, you'd both have time. Colin Cowherd will be the moderator. The Genius of MZone vs. the not-so-genius Ohio State Buckeye.

Yost said...

Oh, if only, Phil. If only.

Dennis said...

I think they released the ad too soon. I know I joked about Romney being a Michigan guy back when you had Obama misspelling OHIO.

As sad a comment as this is, I think if both teams keep winning this might, if released the week of the election sway a few voters as the anti-Michigan vibe really gets going as we enter November. I'm sure SiC will acknowledge that while some Buckeye fans (okay he will say almost all) are douchey year around, they get even worse as we get closer to the game.

That being said, I agree that if you are making your choice based on this, you probably shouldn't be voting. There are real substantive differences between the candidates that should be what voters base their decision on.

But, believe me, if the Democrats thought Michigan was in jeopardy they would have something similar with that picture of Obama doing OHIO and don't kid yourself thinking some of your fanbase might not also consider that when pulling the lever.

Ramona said...

I have to agree, leave politics out of MZone.. football fans can be from either party... and can we get this Romney picture out of here please? I'd rather look at all of your healing silicone pics combined into a single photo montage than some billionare pretending to care about middle class.