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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Last Look at U-M vs MSU: Walmart Wolverine vs Juggalo Nation clips

Michigan and Michigan State didn't just face off on the field last Saturday.  Judging from some YouTube finds, they also faced off at several tailgate gatherings around A2 as well.

First there was some good ol' fashioned slapping the crap out of each other for shits and giggles.  You know, just to prove that Walmart Wolverines a) exist and b) can get along with their Juggalo Nation counterparts in a way only they can.

And what would a rivalry weekend be without a couple of knuckleheads getting into fight during a pre-game tailgate. #Shame

1 comment:

Dennis said...

I think the MSU guy won the slap fight.

Not quite sure what happened in the second video. Sounds like a woman got hit, but the punches I think I saw were two guys.