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Monday, September 10, 2012

Now Playing in the MZone Theater

Recently, we read on MGoBlog that one of Brady Hoke's favorite movies was A Few Good Men.   As a result, since the MZone is like the Roger Corman of blogging, we quickly rushed a low-budget Michigan-centric knockoff into theaters:


Dennis said...

You have Hoke in the Nicholson spot on that poster. Since he won't wear the color, I just don't see Hoke ordering a Code Red. :)

I was going to comment on how you lined up the coaches with the roles the actors in that spot played, but decided it came across as too mean spirited.

phil said...

In a lame attempt to discuss his own favorite movie, Phil leaks to MGoBlog that Hoke's all-time favorite movie is Showgirls.

Yost said...

LOL, Phil.

Dennis, yes, one could have fun with that.

Rigby said...

Trust me...you don't want a Hoke-themed Showgirls poster. No one does :)