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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Notre Dame - 13, Michigan - 6 (points AND turnovers)

Well that sucked.

I... f*ck it.  And just to rub it in a little more (which we deserve after that), HERE is your healing picture:


Andrew said...

Losing just sucks.....especially to ND.....Kelly is a tool....BUT you can not win when you turn the ball over and leave points on the field...really really really stinks.
P.s. that girl is hot

Tom C said...

Ah well. She has nice shamrocks.

surrounded in columbus said...

the O line has struggled to block against everyone (save UMass). last night was no different.

hopefully they'll figure it out between now & the trip to Purdue.

on the other hand, based on this pic, i'd have to say that Shamrocks aren't all bad.

Darryl said...

That hurt.. The offense was offensive. The last time I saw UM offense that was inept as this (and some of you may remember) a just starting out Demetrius Brown was quarterbacking UM...

After that loss (to who escapes me), and the "flak" he took for it, I still remember Bo sticking up for him stating "he did not cost us the game, but he cost us some opportunities to win it"...

Doug said...

Another great healing picture.

It appears that every conference in the country is getting better and the BIG is in reverse. At least now the BIG can get away from the relentless beatings by MAC shcools and get to the cushy conference schedule.

Dennis said...

Sorry Yost, that was ugly. The healing pic not so much.

I'm also not sure what Borges is doing other than saving Denard for conference play. It's almost to the point you should start printing Free Denard shirts. It could be the coaching staff was seeing something from ND that NBC wasn't showing that is why they called it that way. I'll be interested to see Brian's UFR.

If it makes you happier for a while there I was regretting my crack in the KYF comments about scheduling the right team from Alabama. I have no idea what we will do against Sparty. You could put out scores from a randon number generator that picks numbers from 0-63 and I would be able to believe any of them were within the realm of possibility.

I do have to say your defense did a lot better than I thought they would. Given the positon they were put in, that game could have been uglier in a different kind fo way.

James said...

Borges didn't call the best game but Denard's just got to play better than that. He's a 3-year starter, and was making his 30th career start, and still was forcing passes into triple coverage instead of just throwing it away or (better yet) scrambling? I don't understand why he can't learn to give up on a play when it's a lost cause.

Has Denard ever thrown a ball away when no one was open? Seriously, I can't ever remember it happening.