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Friday, August 24, 2012

Urban Meyer Starts New Tradition, Gives OSU Students Clap

Last week, we tweeted about the new "tradition" Tosu head coach Urban Meyer is bringing to the 'Shoe.  If you missed its video unveiling, behold...

First of all, what "aueur" directed that thing?  With the shaky camera and constantly shifting focus I kept waiting for Jason Bourne to jump into frame and kick the shit out of Coach Mick with a rolled up tube sock.  More importantly...

WTF is this "tradition" exactly?  It seems to be a mix between Simon Says and that Hand Jive scene from Grease.

And in an online exclusive, if the The Clap Quick Cals go well, the MZone has learned that Meyer will introduce the even more complicated tradition.  Shown in the video below, it will be for grad students and debut during the next home game:

In Other Buckeye News 

MZone reader Barry sent us the picture below which he received from a friend of his in Ohio showing some new Tosu apparel:

All I can say is, what can you expect from people who probably wear their "Fuck Michigan" t-shirts to church?  And finally...

Our pal Surrounded in Columbus sent us the pic below of the latest breakfast cereal in C-bus:

Gee, that has to be some stale-ass cereal.  Somebody jealous they didn't get their own pop tart?  Hmm.  I feel like we've seen this before.  Yep.

Man, it's good to be back and mocking our Buckeye brethren.



Clay said...

Grab a tripod and STOP ZOOMING. Video production 101 here. OSU must have an ailing Com Dept.

Crock said...

the clap thing -- isn't that what they have cheerleaders for?

Joe Kelly said...

Is coach Mack a Maori? Maybe this is what they were going for...


phil said...

It is interesting to see how excited the Ohio State fans are to have Urban Meyer. I don't see it. The truth is that Urban Meyer has the same amount of wins at tUOS that Tressel had in 2010.......zero.

srudoff said...

woah you guys are still around??

Unknown said...

Twenty-three minutes before the game they expect enough students to be there and mentally proficient enough to follow along with this?
To paraphrase Coach Hoke: "This is Ohio for God's sake". They're lucky they could get to the 'shoe.

bigGexpress said...

A) This is exactly the hand jive, I think.

B) Is it just me or does Urban not really seem that excited to be at Tuos?

Dennis said...

Unknown, at least we haven't had to try to bribe our students to get to the stadium on time.

Al snarky defensiveness aside, it does look a bit silly. I do have to say Urban is doing a nice job of trying to get the students more involved and to feel more a part of the team. I don't know that it is necessary, it seems like something an Indiana would need to do, but it doesn't seem to hurt anything.

As for the cereal, I am most disturbed by the fact that Serving Suggestion is right above Krenzel's pelvis. It says nothing else, does that mean I am supposed to pour it on my stomach and either try to eat it there or let Mrs. Dennis eat it from there? Sounds like they need to make a video showing me how to serve the cereal.

Dennis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dennis said...

I forgot to comment on the PSU shirt. Classless, unoriginal, and probably will be coming in Maize and Blue with Wolverines replaced by Buckeyes.

And Green and White, but that one will also be Wolverines.

And I wouldn't be surprised to see maroon and orange with Cavaliers on it for Va Tech fans, since PSU plays Virginia.

Ramona said...

Heard about the T shirt today.
OSU, sunk to new lows.