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Friday, August 24, 2012

Obaam Misspells Ohio

ED. NOTE: We don't do politics here on the MZone.  That way lies madness on a college football blog.  There's enough animosity in the sports blogosphere without throwing politics into the mix.  Thus, the post and pix below are not an endorsement or repudiation of any candidate or party.

During a campaign stop at Ohio State on Tuesday, President Obama somehow got talked into spelling out O-H-I-O*.  Unfortunately, it didn't go so well...

Mitt Romney's campaign was quick to pounce, with his Ohio campaign manager tweeting:

A word of advice to @BarackObama: it's "O-H-I-O" that has 18 electoral votes, not "O-I-H-O"

Now,  it's hard to totally fault the President when the OSU fan to the left of Sweaty Armpits Guy is himself incorrectly rolling out the "I".  Maybe the President thought they were doing something that was going to be reflected in a mirror.  Or, because the state of Ohio itself is so ass-backwards, maybe he just assumed they spell that way, too.  (And I'm not even bringing up that the dude on the other end who looks to be putting up an "A" instead of the second "O" himself).

In any event, being the President and all, he was given a do-over and it went much better the second time...

No word yet if they tried to get him to wear a "F#ck Michigan" shirt during the visit.

"I'm blogger Fielding H. Yost, and I approve of this message."

Paid for by the MZone Committee To Continue Mocking Ohio State Even On Things Only Tangentially Related to College Football

* For a fan base that got so bent out of shape about Hoke's "Ohio" moniker, they sure as hell like to spell it a lot.


Dennis said...

We would spell out OHIO STATE but the poor guy doing the E would run afould of laws against being visibly turgid.

And doesn't Obama have to be an Ohio State guy because isn't Romney, because of family ties, a Walmart Wolverine? :)

Oh and I agree with Ramona the verification words are getting harder.

Yost said...

Dennis, good to "see" you! Trying to ease my way into the season after a looooong break.

616goblue said...


It is humorous and insightful blogging like this that keeps me checking the Mzone during the offseason.

The 'Bama game in JerryWorld can't get here fast enough...

M Fanfare said...


Can we take away Ohio's electoral college votes? Please?

surrounded in columbus said...

is it me or does the kid on the far left look like storm klein?

Mikoyan said...

Well this season will see me on the sidelines of the EMU home games again....:)

Yost said...

Have to say, it's nice to see so many of you today. *sniffle* It's just old times.

phil said...

Associated Press - Due to a major gaffe during the Democratic campaign in Ohio, the Obama re-election committee is forced to admit they had Joe Biden dress up and wear an Obama mask. "We had Barack's schedule so tight, we thought we couldn't fit everything in. Our plan to dress Joe up and pass him off as the President obviously, in hindsight, was ill advised," admitted Mohammed Akbar, head of the Ohio Young Democrats.

surrounded in columbus said...

as Jake & Elwood kept saying- "we're getting the band back together"

todd said...

I also love how they cropped out the guy on the left's armpit sweat stains. And I am not a robot.

JamesD'Troy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.