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Monday, July 30, 2012

Why it's a bad idea to prep too early for a college football blog

Yes, it's been an insanely long time since our last post here on the MZone.  But I'd be lying if I didn't say that the respite from the daily blogging grind has been much needed.  So I totally checked out.  And when I say I totally checked out, I mean I checked out.  So much so that I hadn't even looked at the MZone's email account in eons. 

Finally, over the weekend, with the 'Bama game just five weeks away, I signed in.  Among the many emails waiting for me was one from our ol' blogging cohort and wallpaper maestro, Andy.  On July 7th he wrote:

Yesterday I started getting that familiar "cant wait for football season" vibe again...

Celebrated with this.

Attached was the following wallpaper:

Yes, that's Fitz Toussaint.  The same Fitz Toussaint who was recently arrested for blowing a .12 on a drive through Saline.


Just another reminder why you never, EVER want to prep too soon on a college football blog.  Shit happens.

Okay, need to get in touch with Andy so we can get to work on our big Frank Clark screensaver.  Gonna be awesome!


616goblue said...

Figures, yesterday I saw Kevin 0.261 Grady, Jr. at Meijer and then his brother, Kelvin, this morning on my bike ride thru East Grand Rapids. Now Yost is back with a photoshop from Andy...all is right in the maize and blue universe!

Time to put the Mzone on my work's laptop for another time suck while at the office...


surrounded in columbus said...

first Fitz, then Iowa's DeAndre Johnson, & now tsio's Brionte Dunn?

bad week to be a big ten running back.

Yost said...

So true, SiC. Not good at all!

Dennis said...

Welcome back.

Saw your tweets on Bri'onte Dunn. OSU is trying hard to keep up with you guys in the Fulmer Cup standings it seems. We just can't seem to get to the standards set by Brady Hoke's Michigan Men. While you guys have destruction of property and home invasion. All we can seem to do is wee-wee in public and hitting girls, though the latter is pretty despicable, all kidding aside.


Not sure if we will get any Cup points now that Dunn's mother did what his girlfriend wouldn't do and say the stuff was hers. :> Actually one of the local radio guys was saying his judgement was in question for the kind of girlfriend he had since she wouldn't take the fall for him. He was joking. I think.

Anyhow, once again, welcome back, I assume things will ramp up as we get closer to September first.

phil said...

It has been so long that I have forgotten my password, so I can't post on here.

surrounded in columbus said...

so stonebrunner & mewhort are both back in camp, practicing w/ the first team, after their summer long "suspension". don't get me wrong- i don't think there's anything really wrong about that. their "crime" was pretty petty; the punishment was about right.

what irks me is having to spend the summer here in cowtown listening to tsio fans brag about urban meyer's brand of discipline & how his handling of those two, along w/ klein, shows how "things have changed" here in cbus.

urban meyer. king of player discipline? yeah. right.

particularly funny when you consider that the only big time coach in the last decade w/ a worse track record for handling off the field player discipline than sweaterboy was subUrban at FLA.

the things people tell themselves because they want to believe. go figure.

Yost said...


I'd bitch more if not for Fitz & Frank getting all boneheaded themselves in the offseason. I'd bench both for 'Bama (and maybe more) but that unfortunately punishes guys like Denard.

Ramona said...

SO GOOD to see everyone return! I wanted to report a JT FLoyd sighting at my daughter's elementary school, this spring.. he was voluntering his time to read with kids.

Speaking of school, apparently there are some in Oklahoma that define the stereotype, "backwards."