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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

M Go Bo(no)?

Benny and SiC both sent us this pic of the cover from the latest edition of National Enquirer. 

I guess everybody is jumping on the Michigan bandwagon since the arrival of Brady Hoke.


Tom C said...

Damn, you broke my band wagon!

Tom C said...

Aww com'on! Just me? Don't be skeered, just a beard.

Yost said...

It's slow on a cfb blog in the off-season, TC.

Dennis said...


I was a bit late to look at this, but +1 for the breaking the bandwagon comment. Funny on multiple levels.

phil said...

Yost, even if it is off-season, you need to step it up and take a lesson from Facebook. Encourage everyone to post every thought they ever had:

Had pork chop and nice applesauce too.
----> "Like"

Mikoyan said...

My posts are a little more involved than that.....Mine have pictures with them...

Yost said...

Sad but true, Phil.

Ramona said...

Hmmm... coach that just got fired today... do they never learn.. where the coverup is worse than the crime... over and out

Bigasshammm said...

Are we ever going to get this photo off the front page?