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Thursday, February 16, 2012

U-M student starts "Walk of Shame" shuttle

Nothing to do with college football, but it's February and this is perfect off-season filler:

Michigan senior Kellyann Wargo has started a shuttle service so co-eds don't have have to do the dreaded "walk of shame" the morning after.  For $5 bucks, one gets a ride anywhere in A2, a bottle of water and a discount coupon for the Plan B pill.

She's even made a commercial for her service...

Ah, college entrepreneurs.


Tom said...

She should add a rapid universal cell phone charger to her car. I bet a lot of her clients need it.

Dennis said...

Alas, the video is now private.

Bigasshammm said...

Condescension included at no extra charge.

phil said...

Damn, I'm too late. Video is down. I can only hope and imagine it ends with the two girls naked in the backseat. Right?.....

Crock said...

Not to be a trader to my gender - but - ugh, really?
Have some Self respect ladies and you certainly wouldn't need this "service"

Dennis said...


There's enough guys here. You don't need to trade genders. :)

Couldn't resist.

I followed the other link Yost included and from there went to her tumblr account. I think she originally intended this as a bit of a joke or at least just for her friends. She put up a mock flier and included he own phone number, not thinking that once you release something on the Interwebs it is darn hard to get it back in the box. One of the interviews she gave mentioned she now gets lots of random calls. I'm wondering if the video also included her cell number.

Apparently Michigan students never figured out that 555-XXXX were not a real numbers and thought all those people on the TV just lived close to each other. :)

Dennis said...

Oh, and according to her site, the video is now back up, editing issues resolved.

****Spoiler Alert*****

No naked girls in the backseat making out.

JamesD'Troy said...

My first thought; Brilliant idea!

My second thought; And women constantly wonder, 'where have all the good men gone...?'