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Monday, February 20, 2012

Sign of desperation in Columbus

This could be the funniest thing I've seen in a loooong time.  It's a sign located inside the Woody Hayes Athletic Center:


Yes, Urban Meyer is trying to woo recruits by implying they'll get a better education at Ohio State than Michigan.  Somewhere the editors of US News & World Report just spit food and drink all over their computer screens after seeing this one.

Stop, Urb.  My side hurts.

Meyer must really be starting to feel the heat being placed on him by the recruiting machine that is Brady Hoke if this is his sales pitch for Tosu.  As our friends at Maize and Blue nation said, "If you're going to compare Ohio State to Michigan, that last thing I would go after as the Buckeye coach would be quality of education."


I guess this is the future job interview process Urb is trying to sell to these recruits...

"Well, I was going to hire that kid from Michigan but he had a degree in General Studies.  And those Michigan degrees just aren't what we're looking for here at J.P. Morgan Chase.  No, we need more people like you, with your Family Resource Management degree from Ohio State.  Welcome aboard.  You'll be in the cubicle next to Johnson, another kid from Ohio State we hired due to his degree in Sport & Leisure Studies.  Hell, our CFO only went to Harvard because he couldn't get in to OSU's Sport & Leisure program."

Family Fucking Resource Management?  You mean balancing a check book?  

And did Urb really put "Criminology" on his list with a straight face?  I mean, isn't a Buckeye football player kind of a criminology major by default, simply by going to Ohio State?  Good news about that degree: you can do all your term paper research just by interviewing your teammates.

Look, Buckeye fans, I know you're starting to sweat.  You lost in football.  You lost in basketball.  And as you read this, Hoke is probably getting a verbal from another one of the top players in Ohio.  It stings.  I understand.  But this way lies madness...and a ton o' ridicule.


Todd said...

I don't quite understand what this is supposed to be and why the majors are numbered. It can't be the top 7 majors for each team, because that would imply UofM has only 45 people on its team. Looks like propaganda to me.

HC said...

General Studies just means they have not declared their major, lol nice job Meyer nice job welcome to "THE...rivalry!"

Bigasshammm said...

Isn't business the worst major anyone can get out of college? Like the most useless? (my apologies to anyone with business majors) Since Michigan has 0 with that major must mean we're smarter.

gh said...

Not really BAH,
A BBA is one of the few non-math science or engineering degrees that'll probably pay for itself in terms of job availability and salary. Economics and Accounting actually hold up pretty well in comparison against most of the lucrative engineering degrees.

Its the arts, english, philosophy, and social studies-type students ending up nowhere near their major when they enter the workforce.

While Jim Harbaugh was a dick to do it in the way he did, his claim that UM steers its more elite athletes into coursework that makes them eligible but not employable should be somewhat concerning (less about UM doing this, more about 100+ football programs with 100+ 'students' who aren't going pro).

Thomas Beindit said...

This makes me laugh. Players are free to major in whatever programs they get into or choose. Are some players pressured towards easier majors? Of course, it happens at pretty much every school, but not only to athletes. You have to work a job along with going to school? Well, studying 7 hours a day for engineering really isn't a choice.
Another thing just to clarify, I'm not sure that undecided students are included in general studies because I was not in general studies before I declared my major. Along with this, I'm not sure that comparing majors, even if this case, sheds a bad light on Michigan. Perhaps programs are so easy in Ohio that students can taken 'harder' degrees because there's less work involved? Not implying anything, but I think Meyer's implication can be flipped pretty easily

phil said...

That sign is known as a visual enhancement. What Urban failed to remember is that most of his recruits can't read, so the sign is a mute point. Now, if he used tattoo symbols instead of standard English then the recruits have a chance at understanding it.

M Fanfare said...

I decided to examine the Michigan Football teams' majors for myself, rather than taking Urbz' word for it. I don't know if he is representing the team this fall, but for Team 132, there were:

39 Undeclared
24 General Studies
10 Sports Management
9 Sociology
4 Afro-American and African Studies
3 Political Science
2 Economics
2 Engineering
2 Brain behavior and Cognitive Science
1 in each of the following: Biology, Physics, Middle Eastern and Muslim Studies, Business, Psychology, Communications, Mathematics, Physical Education, Spanish, Classical Civilization, and History.

There were also two graduate students on the team. John McColgan is in the Ross School of Business and Kelvin Grady in the School of Social Work.

A note on my numbers: I counted all double majors separately (a player majoring in physics and math is listed once in each category), McColgan and Grady were counted in their undergraduate majors as well, and all players who have an undeclared major are listed together, regardless of their College (LS&A, Kineseology, and Engineering undeclared are all listed together).

Source: http://www.mgoblue.com/sports/m-footbl/mtt/mich-m-footbl-mtt.html

Dennis said...

First, congrats on the basketball win.

You need to get Dave Brandon to applying some of his marketing genius to giving General Studies a better name.

As for Family Resource Management, given the number of athletes who make a ton of money, let their posse/family/hangeroners blow their money and are now broke, perhaps a few more of them should take it. :)

I had to look it up to see what it actually is, and in one description I saw it is very helpful for folks who are involved in extension. It actually ties into OSU's foundation as a land grant university and its mission to help folks in agriculture.

Mikoyan said...

So it's come to this? A comparison of majors of the players in various programs. I'm pretty certain that the Harvard players would have both schools beat. And seriously, engineering is tough enough without tacking on the time taken away from studying because you have to practice. I'm just glad that the bobbleheads don't mention majors during the game as much anymore.

VictoryForMSU said...

I would have to think this is intended for the parents of the recruits. It SUGGESTS that tosu takes the academics of their student athletes more seriously than um in terms of career preparation. I doubt it is a statement on the quality of education that they receive within those programs.

surrounded in columbus said...

i'm not sure that showing the vast majority of your team majors in communications, family resource management, criminology, & sports & leisure studies REALLY demonstrates all that big of commitment to education.

when you consider that almost all of the kids studying engineering or biology are walk ons? even less so.

call this what it is- a half thought out attempt to take a swipe at a rival that probably would have been better left undone. if you don't take time to think about how you're going to answer inevitable questions (like "what is a 'general studies' major?", answer to which is that it's actually just another major that isn't focused on a specific topic but far more rigorous than "family resource management"- which is what?), it no doubt seemed like a good idea.

however, when you do stop to think about it, you realize that any sort of comparison (regardless of the purpose) of the two schools' academic programs will result in a comparison of the two schools' academics? not so much.

same guy probably has a future as a headline writer for ESPN.