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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Michigan - 23, Virginia Tech - 20

It wasn't pretty.  It might have even been a tad lucky.

I don't care.

Michigan wins its first BCS game since the 2000 Orange Bowl.

Go Blue! 


surrounded in columbus said...


Dennis said...

Congrats. Interesting how much you and Little Brother are alike this Bowl season. :>

I'm starting to think I should not watch next year's Game since I seem to be good luck for you guys.

I was busy last night so I didn't get to watching the game until the end of the first half. And then what happens? 10 pts in 49 seconds. I fell asleep during halftime, the wife woke me to get the dog in. I turned on ESPN to see what the result was and VT is throwing for that TD in OT. Then there is there missed (touched?) FG. Three players later, Jack Black's lighter haired clone seals the victory.

The Game this year? I had my unplanned surgery. Missed the begining of the game, when we scored early. Then was admitted to a room, turned on the TV and watched as we fell behind. At that point I went into surgery. Came out of surgery and we were winning. Started watching again and you guys won.

You're welcome. I guess. :)

phil said...

So happy for these players. This group will carry proud memories every day for the rest of their lives. Wonder how Terrelle Pryor celebrated this New Year? A new tat, no doubt.

Ramona said...

Excellent way to cap off the season for the team that has worked so hard and come so far!
(and, thanks, Dennis!)
I think they earned it fair and square - VT got some breaks and apparently quite a few missed holdings - so we didn't "steal" anything... it didn't look like VT had a touchdown, but we were all expecting the refs NOT to overturn it! What a welcome surprise when they did the right thing!

Mikoyan said...

As I was the first replay of that touchdown, I was pretty sure that he had landed out of bounds. As I watched it again, I noticed that the ball was moving a little bit and remembering that if the ball is moving at all when a player goes out of bounds, he is not considered to have control of it...thus no catch. And as the bobbleheads were more and more convinced that it was a catch, I also remembered that the bobbleheads are idiots and when they are that convinced of something...the opposite is usually true.

Mikoyan said...

But all in all, it was a good win....and I'll take it however ugly it was.

phil said...

From USAToday: (It was Michigan kicker Brendan Gibbons' turn to secure the win with a 37-yard field goal. So what was he thinking about during such a pressure-filled moment?
"Brunette girls," he said. " we were struggling in kicking, Coach tells me to think about girls on a beach or brunette girls. So that's what we did. Made the kick.")

----OK, as all of you know, I'm not one to ask for pictures of semi-naked women on MZone just for the heck of it, but THIS calls for a picture of a semi-naked Brunette girl. I'm just saying. You know, out of gratitude.

Ramona said...

Understood, Phil. I had my own healing pic ready to go, just in case we didn't win:


Dennis said...

It was a spectacular effort, but wasn't a catch. I find it interesting some outlets, like ESPN say he was out of bounds, others say it was lack of control. It was close, but it looks to me like he landed on the white and it is clear to me the ball is moving in his arms when he hits the ground.

And it wasn't the last play of the game. VT missed a FG. Had they made that, who knows.

phil said...

Ramona.......Eddie Munster??!!

Ramona said...

hmpf! OK. For Phil, and other unenlightened dwellers in the man cave, that is actor Chris Noth, who starred in the ultimate Saturday night healing movie, "The Perfect Man." Very aptly named. Although, not much healing was needed in 2011 and 2012 season looking even more promising!

bigGexpress said...

Pour some sugar on MEEEEEECHIGAN!!!!