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Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy New Year from Columbus: Now take cover!

Michigan fans have experienced first-hand what a hellhole Columbus is during visits to the 'Shoe for Michigan-Ohio State games. But apparently the city's suckness is not limited to rivalry weekends. The video below was taken in C-bus this past New Year's Eve. As the person who posted it on the vid's YouTube page says:

Listen for about five minutes with your eyes closed and imagine where this video might have been taken. I think this speaks for itself.

Right around the 4 minute mark is where it really gets Fullujah-esque.

(HT: DC)


Dennis said...

Isn't this every night in Detroit? :)

You weren't kidding about the four minute mark, though. I thought it was kinda bad before then. Some folks used to refer to the Hilltop as Hilltucky, but I believe it is more than just Rednecks now. I don't get over there much any more. Used to be a comic book shop I would go to when I couldn't find a rare issue anywhere else back in the early 90s. Wasn't a great neighborhood then.

osu>um said...

The area has always been a rougher part of town. There were pockets of nice homes but mostly working lower middle class.The sad truth now is the area has been overtaken by black street gangs with a massive influx of latino gangs as well. You wanted multiculturalism, well you've got it.

bigGexpress said...

Aaaaaaaaand I will be taking the bypass anytime I have to drive through Columbus now.

Corey said...

Yeah... this is a terrible area. Such areas exist in literally any large city. And this is about as far from campus as you can get while still being in Columbus.

But you know, let's make fun of Columbus because we can't make fun of them in football after going 7-1 and them having a better draft class (even in a 6-7 down year).