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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Don't F*ck with Holly Rowe

Been meaning to put this up. Did you see ESPN's Holly Rowe elbow out another female reporter to get an interview with Brady Hoke after the Sugar Bowl?

That other reporter should've shoved her ass back.


phil said...

ESPN Headlines:
"Holly Rowe new womens wrestling coach at Virginia Tech"

Dennis said...

The other reporter came back with a couple friends. That didn't go any better.

Bigasshammm said...

They talked about this on the Dan Patrick show. ESPN pays a premium to get the exclusives since it's on their network. Holly should have been there in the first place and was slow to get there.

GoBlueBob said...

Holly needs to hit the gym instead of the pregame buffet and maybe she would be able to get there quicker.

phil said...

After a season like this, I am not surprised at all that women are fighting over Brady Hoke.

Crock said...

just curious - if it was a man- would there even be a commentary on this?
Also - @GoBlueBob - again - if it was man - you wouldn't say that...

btw - I would completely shove anyone out of the way to give Brady Hoke a big hug !

Yost said...


Absolutely there would be. It's not about gender it's about how it was handled.

You think if Chris Fowler had stiff armed some AP reporter on national TV that we (and every other blog) wouldn't be all over it?

Dennis said...


I will admit I would have linked to a different video had it been a guy, but it would have been something that fit the person.

Using Yost's example of Fowler, I would have looked for something with Sam Eagle. Or the Fowler from Chicken Run.

If Beano the Hutt had done it, a link to Jabba knocking down 3PO would have been used. Yes, I poked at her weight, but I would do that if it was a fat guy.

Ramona said...

The men are just disappointed that they didn't oil up and wrestle.

GoBlueBob said...

Crock... remember this is supposed to be a humorous blog site. My comment was just a quick reaction to Hammm saying she was slow to get there. And yes I would have made the same comment if it was a guy.

Dennis said...


Erin Andrews oiled and wrestling? Yes.

Holly? No thanks.

I will say she has a mostly thankless job. And I feel a little bad for her that she hasn't been able to move up. Kind of like when you see the 35 year old Notre Dame grad working the fryer at McDonalds. I' mean you'd think after ten years he could move up to the grill or even the drive thru window.

I actually did send a note to the ESPN Ombudsman years ago when one of the guys on her telecast was down right condescending and called her honey or sweetheart or something that was just unprofessional on the air.