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Monday, January 09, 2012

And the new most-watched MZone video is...

As a college football nut, I know I should be excited about the title game tonight.  But I'm not.  Not on January 9th.  Not a for a rematch.

However, what I am excited about is that we have a new most-viewed MZone video (at least from MZone 2.0) and it's very appropriate that it became #1 this weekend as it's LSU-centric.  Clocking in with approximately 157,000 views, The Les Miles Hand Clap Song passed Michigan Fans Discuss Rich Rodriguez (152,000+ views) over the weekend.

Is this a sign for Miles' Tigers?  Leave us your prediction in the comments section.


Michigan Sports Girl said...

Brilliant! Love that you resurrected this classic, Yost! I feel the same about tonight's match up. I love a good defensive battle, but if I'm forced to watch the SEC, I at least want to be entertained with some big plays on offense: as that is, after all, what they're conference is known for, right? LOL! Happy BLUE Year to you, my friend!

GoBlueBob said...

I am just happy that something else was posted so I do not have to look at the earmuff photo anymore. Wait, I should have worked that into the caption contest somehow..... I will be watching the game but with only limited interest and will probably be doing other things while it is on. Guess I am pulling for Miles over Suitcase Saban.

Dennis said...

Me, I have better things to do than watch the SEC West championship game. Yawn.

I have no trouble with a low scoring game like they played before. I do have a problem with the media mindset even when they played the game that whoever lost was going to play the winner for the MNC.

If you had a plus one or even a 6 or 8 game playoff and you had these two teams, then fine. But you know if you and Nebraska or we and Wisconsin crushed our opponents, then played close when we played head to head and one of us won the B1G; the SEC would be screaming from the rooftops if the National Championship game was a rematch.

Dennis said...

Offseason is mascot time!

Bigasshammm said...

Could care less about this game. Probably won't watch a second of it. Hopefully I can find some hockey on or something worth watching.
If not then I'll just let the wife watch whatever.

Mikoyan said...

I will not watch the "Championship" game. If Michigan got the "You had your chance" in 2006, then I think Alabama should have gotten it this time.

phil said...

(sing this to some rap song)
Miles has the clap,
He can't get it right,
Miles has the clap,
It's a God awful sight,
Miles has the clap,
It sure ain't cool,
Miles has the clap,
He's just a SEC tool,
Yea,Miles has the clap,
His clap can't match Nick's,
Oh, lets face it, their both dicks.

bigGexpress said...

Call me insane or what you will:
I just saw the score at halftime. Alabam 9 LSU 0.
Here we are at a crossroads. Football, the american sport is great. Why is it this way? Is it simply because of the sport itself? Or the legend? The legend Fielding H. Yost built the first great program and is the ultimate legend for it. Does Les Miles, part of the Yost legacy at Michigan rally the troops? Or do Bear Bryant's followers prevail?
Is the standard for football solely based in Michigan? Or has the torch been passed to the whole nation?
Either way, Yost brought this game into prominence and has paved the way for what this game is today. Everybody, Rockne, Lombardi, Knoll, Bryant, Woody and Bo have continued Yost's work through today. So, what prevails? Yost's legacy at Michigan? Or Yost's legacy of the game period? Either way it started at Michigan, we owe it all to Fielding Yost and it feels good.

Ramona said...

If LSU doesn't win... a lot of the picks on our alum website are going to be off.... 79%? And no matter what happens I'm hoping the confidence level, points out of possible points stuff makes more sense tomorrow.
Ok Miles get it together here!

Mikoyan said...

So if LSU loses, we have 5 1 loss teams. Three of those teams didn't have a shot to be in this game because all the punditry knew who the two best teams are. Two of those teams didn't have a shot because they don't play in the annointed conferences. So in the end, what will we have proved?

Ramona said...

You're gettin over my head here, Mik. Lost at sea here.... I have degrees! Honest! I can discuss the constitutionality of health care reform!
As far as this BCS thing... or confidence levels... or why LSU looks to be losing by the biggest margin of FGs in college football history yet the SEC reigns supreme... and, BigGEx reminds us of how widespread the Michigan legacy really is...
thanks guys for always keeping it real!

Bigasshammm said...

Michigan will now for sure be a preseason top 5 solely so the media can tear down the Big Ten further if we lose to Alabama. Which I don't see having any chance of winning. Maybe if the game was in Michigan but being at Dallas I don't think so.

I am proud I watched 0 minutes of that game last night. It was completely set up to give Alabama the championship. In football between good teams it is virtually impossible for one team to beat the other twice in one season. They even discussed that at length when the possibility of the Michigan Ohio rematch happened. But I didn't hear one talking head say anything about it this year. Pathetic.

Mikoyan said...

Lost at sea....Well at least you aren't lost in the Lakes...:)

It's pretty simple:
Alabama lost to LSU at home by a field goal.
LSU lost to Alabama at a neutral site by alot.
Oklahoma State lost somewhere but I believe they won the Big 12.
Houston and Boise State each have 1 loss but they don't play in one of the major conferences.

so in a perfect world, a team that doesn't win its conference wouldn't be playing for the championship.

Mikoyan said...

And now Alabama can claim 14 championships...even though a few of them are dubious.....If we use the Alabama criteria, Michigan has litke 18, I think.

Ramona said...

If all 'Bama can do is roll tide FIELD GOALS and we can get TDs.. yeah I think we can beat them!!

Or did they get one TD late in the game after LSU spirit was broken..

threadogg said...

After reading these posts on M zone if we don't beat Alabama Sept 1st a lot of us will be eating crow. We have a big chance coming up this year Denard and Co. need to come up big in Texas. Phil's little poem says it all, what kinda mindless sissy crap...and bigGex his fried brain rant bout Yost or Dennis's silly mascot ramblings. Lord have mercy on these clueless fools, can't tell what these lost souls might be smokin' but they better keep it away from our team cause they have a hellava lot of work to do to avoid a national embarrassment come Sept.

bigGexpress said...

Man, threadogg, take it easy, it's just a little fun. Nothing that we are saying has anything to do with next year, and the players are not reading this site and getting their motivation from us. As a matter of fact, when has next year ever come up. I'm pretty sure we're making fun of the NC game. We can worry about next year when it happens. And none of us, that I'm aware of, actually have anything to do with the team. If you haven't read this site much you need to realize that most of the stuff, while informative is done in fun.

Lighten up, quit being a d-bag and get laid or something. Damn!

Ramona said...

Well, the pool closed the day after the game... so I never did get to find out if the "possible points" winds up being the same for everyone at the end, as my son claims. Now I have a whole year to forget what little grasp I had on confidence levels, before screwing it up next year all over again. Let's hope it doesn't affect team morale or anything :)

threadogg said...

@ bigGEN
Sorry dude thought you might be driftin out toakin weed "feelin good", a huge issue with the Rasta college sportin crowd. Don't want to spend the time rootin for these players on Saturdays especially with this most important game since Florida coming up with Bama thinkin teams pissing away practice time smokin' ganga. One of the first things Meyer did down in Cbus was draw the line on this epidemic in CFB. http://ohiostate.247sports.com/Article/Boarding-House-Monday-Edition-56268

Yost said...

That's hilarious re: Urban, thread.

bigGexpress said...

It's cool. Sometime things don't translate into the written word very well.