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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ohio: Where honoring the disgraced is just how they roll

Not much to blog about with the Sugar Bowl still a couple weeks out and the holidays on the horizon...until I got the email below from MZone reader Megan:

Fallen Heroes

As a Michigan alum living in Columbus, the picture below is one of the many reasons why I love this city.

Enjoy!   It was like an early Christmas gift.

This is so...Ohio.  Didn't realize Fathead had a Disgraced Coaches section.  Who knew?

Why do I get the feeling that if Bernie Madoff had won a National Title or two for Tosu and had a winning record against Michigan, Buckeye fans would hang a wall-sized poster of him in their double-wides?

Damn straight it's a trailer park joke!


phil said...

This is when I apply one of my bumper stickers to their vehicle:
"My Jack Russell Terrier is Smarter than your Ohio State Student"

Bigasshammm said...

See I just don't see Woody as being disgraced anywhere on the level of Tressel. Woody had a moment of weakness where he flat lost it. That action doesn't really take away any of his prior coaching greatness but it did lead to him stepping down.

Tressel on the other hand how can you tell if any of his wins are legit? Seems like this was his norm during his entire tenure. Just ask Clarrett.

Mikoyan said...

This Sunday Sunday Sunday....at the Horseshoe....Woody and Tressel in 15 round death cage match...

Ramona said...

I see what you mean BAH.

Son just came into the room saying sanctions have been announced.. OSU won't be playing in a bowl game and lost scholarship money.. their recruiting isn't going to be what it was during the Vestocchio reign....

Mikoyan said...

From the folks at Michigan Exposures...


Dennis said...

Ramona (and others),

Happy with what the NCAA did? Not enough? Too much? (yeah, right)

It will be interesting to see what impact this has on recruiting. The optimist in me says not much since most Freshmen wouldn't see much playing time, though for guys like Dunn, it might make them rethink.

In case you are curious, while not thrilled, I'm mostly okay with it. It could have been worse. I feel for the guys who will be Seniors next year who won't get a shot at a Big Ten Title or anything else post season. I would sit Herron, Posey, etc for the Gator Bowl. I wouldn't have them travel.

There has been a lot of talk down here that we should have self imposed a bowl ban on ourselves. If we had done it before we played any games, then I agree. Doing it through the season, especially after the Purdue loss which knocked us out of a chance for a BCS game would look really tacky to me. If I were the NCAA and a school did that, I'd throw in the next year bowl ban just to show I don't like shallow gestures of contrition.

The Game is our Bowl Game next year. Should be fun.

Ramona said...

I thought it was appropriate, in the sense of righting the cosmic imbalanace.. in other words, if Tressel enjoyed an unfair recruiting advantage, this levels the playing field, so to speak.. although you are saying it may not have that much effect. I do agree it's not fair to seniors who were not doing anything wrong, but innocent people always pay a price for someone else's wrongdoing. It's interesting Meyer took the job...

Bigasshammm said...

They got exactly what they wanted. Most all of the blame was put on Tressel even though I don't believe for a minute that the other higher-ups at Ohio weren't also involved and maybe pulling Tressel's strings.

It should hurt their recruiting as Meyer has been vocally telling recruits that their will be no more sanctions and now this. Shows his character right off the bat. Do kids think that way anymore? No, so it probably won't change anything. 3 scholarships each year for 3 years is nothing. They should make all 9 scholarships unavailable for the year they have the bowl ban. That would actually impact a team.

Mikoyan said...

I think they should have to keep all their scholarships next year and that part gets enforced afterward. In effect, a defacto bowl ban.

Bigasshammm said...

3 scholarships a year isn't going to effect a team. It's only going to effect the poor 2nd or 3rd stringer guy that wouldn't have ever gotten playing time. Losing 9 scholarships in one year would be a hard thing to overcome as it would effect you over the next 4 years.

threadogg said...

Do you think this will affect that group recently recruited, the 'Fearsome Foursome Freshmen" group of 5 star defensive lineman ?