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Saturday, December 17, 2011

MZone Holiday Mode

Light blogging probably from now until the Sugar Bowl draws near as real life takes over during the holidays.  Of course, the last time we said "light blogging" here at the MZone, Ohio State imploded in a sea of scandal and we never had a break.  Therefore, if Tosu decides to do it again (which would be the best Christmas present of all), you can rest assured that the MZone will fire up Ye Olde Photoshop Machine.

However, even during the craziness of the next couple weeks, we'll keep throwing 140-character nuggets your way on a regular basis via Twitter.  So be sure to follow us @MZoneBlog. And any new material will be below this post.

Go Blue!


David said...

Did anyone read MGoCook's rant about Michigan's multiple away unis? Man that guy isn't happy unless he is in full blown complaint mode.

Dennis said...

If someone other than Yost has time, given the time of year some of your band fanatics could come up with an easy way for folks to determine if they are coming across a Salvation Army Band or The Pride of the Buckeyes, The Ohio State University Marching Band.


I agree with anyone ranting against multiple uniforms. I hate when we do, we are better than that. So are you.

Mikoyan said...

I hated multiple uniforms when a ton of NHL teams had the third period jerseys. Although I liked the logo on the Ducks version (back when they were Mighty). I'm glad the Wings never succumbed to that craziness.

Look at the Tigers and Yankees, their home uniforms have barely changed in close to 100 years. Why mess with that?

Ramona said...

Anyone who is super busy this week... ok I guess that's pretty much all of us... so, don't look at any pictures of what our team is going to be wearing in the Sugar Bowl. It will just ruin your day.

Mikoyan said...

Instead of looking at those pictures...I know of a blog with some pretty nice pictures....

Hint hint....

There are some nice pictures of Detroit from earlier tonight....

Ramona said...

You are right - MUCH nicer pics to view on the blog that is conveniently linked on the left hand side... much better way to start the day. :)

Mikoyan said...

Thanks for stopping by. I assume that was you that left all the comments there.

And yes, I enjoyed the Empire Builder.

phil said...

As Festivus is almost upon us I would like to take a moment to have the "Airing of Grievances" and list all the ways you all have disappointed me this year:
1. Yost, you never disappoint. How you continue to run the best website on the internet is beyond me. Well done sir. Wishing you all the best in 2012.
2. Hoke, I could have never dreamed a 10 - 2 year. You sir have also not disappointed. So glad to have you at the helm.
3. Whetstonebuck, you pussy. The minute Tressel takes a dive, you disappear. (Unless you actually ARE Tressel. OMG! Come to think of it, I never did see both of you post at the same time!)
4. To all the rest of the bloggers on here, great job. I expect to read a lot more from you in 2012.
5. To the female bloggers: Would it really hurt to post your semi-naked photos on MZone?
TO ALL: Have great Holidays. GO BLUE!!

Ramona said...

LOL Phil!!!!
I can't speak for the other women here but it would definitely be painful posting any pics of me..healing, NOT! my hotness days are long gone!

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Go Blue!

JamesD'Troy said...

Ladies and gentlemen,

we have another nominee for 'cringeworthy moments in college football' er...ice skating...this time involving the Notre Dame band.

skip to the 1:10 mark;


Dennis said...

They completed the pass, at least. I should mosey over to NDNation to see how much they liked it.