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Monday, December 12, 2011

Miscellaneous Monday

There's Now a Dead Guy in The Big House

Saw this on YouTube: some dude sprinkled his stepfather's ashes on the field at Michigan Stadium after the Wolverines beat Ohio last month...

Sure, on one hand I get it.  On the other, uh, well, there's some dead guy now on the 50 at The Big House.

The Perfect Addition to Any Office

Got the following email last week:

Felt the need to share the newest addition to my office.  I might take him home and make him the center piece for the Sugar bowl party!

I live in Nebraska so I’m thinking of putting a pile of half eaten corn under him!

Go Blue!


That's probably the only Wolverine anybody from Nebraska laid a hand on this year.

M Go Camaro!

While Nick's office addition is a fine way to show your Michigan pride, the picture below is not.

I was searching on Google for a picture for a post using the words "Christmas" and "University of Michigan" and, sadly, this popped up:

Man, we sure wish he'd have just gone with the 1/2 shirt at Wal-Mart instead.


Mikoyan said...

Is that wolverine stuffed?

Bigasshammm said...

The guy with the ashes might have been ok if the field was still grass. As it is now the ashes will just puddle when it rains and drain off into the sewer. Sad

I don't fault the Camaro owner. His mullet probably has wings as well.

Also not sure on that wolverine. If that was a live animal at once then that's just wrong. If it's fake it's extremely well done and I wouldn't mind having one.

asmilefixer said...

Great wolverine! In a week, I will post my wolverine that is being shipped to me this week. Mine is real.

James said...

That Camaro looks like it's alive, like one of those Richard Scarry cars.

sansanthebangla said...

I think the Michigan Solar Car has a nicer set of wings than the camaro

JamesD'Troy said...

So the guy carries his late step-father's ashes in freakin' cheap plastic Michigan travel mug and then dumps him on field-turf? Geez, I can only imagine what he would have done if he didn't like his step-father-he would have used a tOSU 'sippy cup' or beer hat to hold the ashes.

This is another reason I'm against letting the fans rush the field. You end up with dweebs like the one shown in the video whose step-father likely never played football at Michigan having his remains dumped on the field.

It's a honor and privilige to play for a team like Michigan and the only people who should be allowed to have their remains buried on the field are those who earned it eg the players and coaches, not some random Tom, Dick, and Harry. Douchebag move by the guy in the vid.