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Friday, December 16, 2011

Have a Hoke and a Smile

At the Michigan Football Bust this week, emcee Desmond Howard compared Michigan to a soft drink brand and the Rich Rodriguez years to one of the flavors:

"It’s a brand.  It’s like Coke. So, some people in the board room at Coke made some crazy decisions in the past to make Cherry Coke. But then the consumers didn’t like it too much. So, they had to go back and bring in some brilliant mind to get this thing back on track."

Now, I think Howard meant New Coke, not Cherry Coke.  And I take great umbrage if he didn't, comparing the failed Rich Rod flavor to the highly underrated Cherry Coke (which, if 11 Cherry Coke cans lined up on defense last year, could not possibly have done worse statistically than what Gerg employed). 

But that's all behind us now.  I'm just happy with have the real thing as Michigan's head coach since -- wait for it -- things go better with Hoke.

ED. NOTE: Yes, this entire post was simply an excuse to Photoshop a Diet Coke can as a Brady Hoke can. But can you blame us?  After reading Desmond's quote, it was just the sort of low hanging fruit we can't resist here at the the MZone.


Adam said...

Hoke-a-cola and a Toussaint Croissant. Part of a healthy breakfast.

Ramona said...

"It's the real thing..."

Ramona said...

Many readers may be too young to recall that advertising music..sigh

Hugh Jaenuss said...

Or clear pepsi.

Mikoyan said...

Is that you that commented on my blog? If so, if you're looking for a diary of my Empire Builder trip, start here:

Ramona said...

Hey Mikoyan,
That was me. Thanks for the link, I am enjoying this train trip after a long work day.
Excellent,excellent shots.

Mikoyan said...

If you have any questions...

e-mail me at kozzie_13 at yahoo dot com

surrounded in columbus said...

actually, my favorite "coke" joke is from Dr Evil-

you're the diet coke of evil; just one calorie, not evil enough!