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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tribute to Lloyd Carr

Here's the video tribute to Lloyd Carr that played before the Nebraska game in honor of his induction into the College Football Hall of Fame.

122-40 W-L record
5 Big Ten titles
1 National Championship

Thank you, Coach!


Andy said...

I still love the man, but after reading Three & Out last week - I am not sure I can look at Coach Carr with the same reverence I have in the past.

If you have not read it, you should. The last three years of M football are painful to re-hash, but there are MANY inside stories and great lessons to be learned about organizational politics, institutional decay, and the petty nature of real human beings.

John U. Bacon is 'the messenger' and has done the program a great service. As a result, he is "on the outside looking in" with the current athletic administration. Regardless, his analysis and conclusions are very important for everyone to read and understand -- and most importantly, NOT repeat.

Yost said...

Trust me when I tell you so much of what's in there is crap. Put it this way, if the man can't get simple game facts correct, are we really to assume that his innuendo and he-wasn't-there conclusions are correct?

Dennis said...

Yost vs. Andy

[grabs some popcorn and a good seat.]

Yost said...

LOL, Dennis. No, no "vs" here. But it pains me when folks suddenly start ripping on a man who did nothing but give everything to Michigan -- all based on claims by an author suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

So based on the book, LC is the one who made the initial call to RR saying he should "consider Michigan" but then X number of days later when he's hired, this same coach who encouraged RR to take the job purposely tries to submarine RR by offering releases? I'm not saying he did/didn't offer releases but the conclusion as to the meaning doesn't even make any sense: take the job I called you about so I can screw you? C'mon.

Dennis said...

Hey, I need every advantage I can get given the product we are bringing to Ann Arbor this week. Focus on each other and not us. :)

I'd say we go with the Earle Bruce strategy and anounce this week Fickell is done, but quite honestly, I don't think this team would get fired up by that.

We could win, but unless Denard and Toussaint OD on Turkey and Baxton Miller is possessed by the ghost of Troy Smith* I think our chances are maybe 15%. Maybe these guys will suprise me, but outside of Wisconsin they have mostly disappointed me and even Wisconsin they easily could have lost that game.

And that is the really annoying thing. Most of these games, with a break or two, or a completed pass here and there, or a made tackle we could be be looking at a one or two loss season.

*At this point I might consider ritually sacraficing him to make that possible, though I'd probably prefer to use TP. TP he did his magic against lesser competition so really Troy is the best candidate.

Andy said...

@Yost - I don't remember noticing any significant game facts he missed in the book. Please educate me.

In my opinion, Bacon is the classic condemned messenger here. you are not the only one signing up to kill him.

I hope you did not take my first comment to be "ripping" on Coach Carr. I have nothing but respect for him and what he did for Michigan. But, he is a human being and had at least a small hand in the disfunction we experienced i the last three years.

Using your example... Personally, I don't think it is too hard to envision Coach Carr feeling some "buyers remorse" after his initial call to RR. Especially after the immediate WVU backlash and learning all (except Fred Jackson) of his assistants would be let go. At a minimum he is guilty of paternally "watching out" for his kids by offering to sign transfer papers and distancing himself from the circus caused by the RR transition.

The key messages in the book to me have nothing to do with game facts or behind closed doors personality conflicts. The most important lessons are 1) the gradual shifting of power within the athletic department from sports leaders to business visionaries and 2) the heart stopping effect sudden change can have on organizations too entrenched in their own tradition.

This I am sure we can agree on:
a) Michigan lost it's rudder when Bo died in 2006.
b) The AD was not prepared for transition when Carr retired after the 2007 season.
c) As a result of this lack of preparation, RR was hired in a panicked atmosphere.
d) RR was a PR disaster from day one. He either did not receive or simply ignored any guidance given to him on how to do things the "Michigan Way".
e) RR did not succeed and was fired.

Just for fun... here is my RR synopsis: Carr quit, Martin sailed, RR agreed, WVU sued, kids transferred, recruits lost, enemies made, traditions ignored, punts fumbled, games lost, players shrunk, streaks broken, defense disappeared, media hunted, NCAA investigated, rivals mocked, reputation damaged, and program humbled.

Dennis said...


I think Yost is probably talking about this. I'm not sure if there are others or not.

surrounded in columbus said...

the central ohio M club is hosting a happy hour/book signing w/ John U tonight. i'm looking forward to it.

sorry Yost, old friend, but i think you are looking at Lloyd thru very rose/maize & blue colored glasses. R2's failure is his own, but that doesn't mean Lloyd's short comings aren't just as real.

though, this does remind me of a scene w/ the old movie about the St Valentine's Day massacre (w/ Jason Robards as Al Capone). Capone is meeting w/ the mafia capo to get permission to whack Bugsy & the North Side gang. the capo is hesitant to start a big gang war but Capone is insistent.

at which point the capo looks at Capone and says- Alfonse, we shall not bicker over the life of this useless man- kill him if you must. point being, good friends shouldn't let unimportant things or people get in their way.

probably the correct approach to both R2 and Lloyd- no sense in arguing over two ex coaches- one who couldn't beat App St, the other who couldn't beat anyone. they're both gone. thank god, fergodsakes.

James said...

FWIW, I heard that Bacon was back on the sidelines for the Nebraska game. It appears that whatever issues the book raised have blown over. Now that we're 9-2 and have a chance to go to a BCS bowl if we win Saturday, we have a chance to turn the page on all the RR drama.