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Saturday, November 05, 2011

These are the only healing pix M fans deserve

After an ugly fumble, an INT, a missed XP, poor tackling, dropped passes, questionable coaching and failing to score in four chances from the three yard line at the end of the game, that game was a team effort of suck.  As the saying goes, we win as a team and lose as a team.

We also heal as a team and fan base.  Normally after a Michigan loss, we put up pictures like this in an effort to take U-M fans' minds off what transpired on the field.  But after today -- and all the bitching I'm hearing around the blogosphere and Interwebs -- we don't deserve the usual MZone healing pictures.  Not a chance.

So here are your post-Iowa healing pictures.  Take a good look.  Consider them the healing pix equiv of having to run laps after today's performance, both on the field and in cyberspace.

God help us all if you force me to go down this path again after Illinois.  I'm just sayin'.


phil said...

YOST!!! WHAT THE HELL??!! Did someone hack the site and post this trash??!! For the love of God tell me this wasn't your idea!!

Now, for my rant. I pride myself on fairness and forgiveness BUT that last call by the ref and replay booth.....NO F*CKING WAY!! THAT IS THE BIGGEST F*CKING B*LLCR*P I HAVE EVER SEEN IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL. THOSE F*CKING REFS &%^*%^!!!@#@$%^%^$%^$%&ae%$@#@#%etyr%&@#^%! AND $%@#&%*^($@%#@$%^q F*CKING CRAP BULLSH*T AND I TELL YOU #$^$^@#@$^&y%^*^* CRAP!!!! SCREWED!!!!!! DAMN REFS %@%@#^&#%^&!!!

Bigasshammm said...

Phil you say so because you are Michigan biased. I bet you would get those refs to agree that yes that looks like a TD


there wasn't indisputable evidence that he had possession of the ball and the ground didn't help out. In that that was one of the most correct called replays I've ever seen. The call on the field was incompletion therefore they needed concrete evidence. Had it been ruled a TD it would also have stayed a TD.

Mikoyan said...

Is that the walmarthawkeyes site?

Ramona said...

Remember the healing pic you posted last year of the 50+ women in the stands?
and Damn refs indeed!! They should not determine a game - we have all seen refs give TDs to other teams that were far more questionable!!

DrCatie said...

Now see, normally the healing pics don't bring any healing to me, so I don't really care one way or the other, but to torture me and make me pour bleach in my eyes......well, that is simply unfair.

I swear I am not a "it was all the refs fault" kind of gal, but JCHMG!!!!!! Those refs let Iowa get away with what ever they wanted (especially PI). Yes, our offense looked crappy.......seriously......the refs sucked more.

Send that Pic to the Refs, I bet they would love it , they would probably defile it in multiple ways....

phil said...

>Dr.Catie --Blind Iowa ref views MZone healing picture. Declares it the greatest work of art since the Mona Lisa.

Mikoyan said...

There seemed to be alot of crappy refs going around. There were a a couple of questionable calls in the EMU game too.....

bigGexpress said...

Thank you, Yost, for your infinite wisdom. Yes, it is about time this crap stopped. Both on and off of the field. Once again you are correct. We can complain all we want about officiating. But in the end it comes down to execution. Had the team executed and taken advantage of opportunities this game should not have even been close. It should have been a big win for Michigan. Hoke and his staff know that. The team knows it. But I guess that's the way it goes sometimes. Hoke and Mattison will have us back eventually. They just need time to rebuild confidence and fix the cluster flop that was the last three years. Here's to a call for the end of healing (however enjoyable it may have been) and everything else that the RR era gave us. Thank you!

IamCris said...

Two or more things as I finish off yet another Guinness.

Firstly, nothing screams sexy to me like paste-E white. I'd totally do that chick right now and give her a unique and special helmet sticker.
Secondly, I have come to the conclusion that since the Ohio game last year Roy Roundtree cannot catch a football. I have this fantasy that he will prove me wrong and have a breakout game against Ohio. This year.

In conclusion, thank you for your valuable internet time reading my post.

JamesD'Troy said...

Look, y'all lost and looked sloppy in the process. Fine, most teams have a bad game. So, ok, the refs did their best impression of Mr. Magoo. There's still no reason to have a full-on freak of despair and post creepy snapshots of Jerry Springer's next guest. There's still lots of football left with lots to play for. Beat the Fightin' Zooks, Nebraska, and tOSU and this season will be remembered as a success and major improvement over the RichRod era. I'm still not sold that Sparty can run the table. Hell, at least y'all get to go to a bowl game this year.

With that stated, we can all agree to be thankful that we're not Paedo Sta...ahem, I mean Penn State fans...

surrounded in columbus said...

wow. where are all the "girls" complaining about the sexism of the healing pics this week?

i demand equality! Yost needs to post a picture of a really old fat guy in a Speedo NOW! and no, i don't have any self portraits to contribute (only because i don't have a Speedo. sigh).

all kidding aside, this is wshy i tell my teenage daughters to never let people take/send people pictures of themselves dressed in anything that they wouldn't wear to school (i don't know if they listen to me, but i still tell them. sigh).

and as for the season? as i said before, this has been a pretty good season so far. we lose out? yeah, i'll join the chorus of hissy fits.

we win 2 or the last 3? or win out? both of which look very possible?

fergodsakes- cue the muppets!

Tom C said...

Phil is right, and here is why.
The reciever caught the ball with one, count it one hand. Had to have said hand under the ball to catch it. He was in the act of cradling it when he went down, but the catch was before that. The ruling on the field should never have been incomplete.

hs8bern said...

Good god! Get it togather you lost deal with it. If Denard could have been on target it would have been a victory.With that said he is not a qb, and with his talant he should think about switching postions. It will give him a pro career as a special multi purpose back.I love the heart of him and wish him nothing but the best,but he is not a depenable qb. But UofM is doing better then I thought they would(coming from a upset OSU fan)I can't wait for the day when its #1 vs #2 deciding game at the end of november in Ann Arbor or c-buss where it belongs!

surrounded in columbus said...

new definition of "irony": tsio fan giving others advice on how to 'deal' w/ football related issues.

could probably also be listed as "surreal"

hs8bern said...

surrounded,I can give advice about dealing with loses that should not of happened! Iam from northeastern ohio and grew up Browns,Indians and Buckeye fan! All I can say is don't let the officials decide the game and there would not be all this crying out of uofm fan base.

Ramona said...

I was listening to "The Ticket" sports radio channel in the car (without my son even being in the car!!!) and this was interesting.. I have NO CLUE what a "bubble screen" is... but caller after caller felt that Denard isn't being used properly for his talents and the play calling had problems. When I got home, son agreed with that sentiment and also thought we could have gotten TD with a play Hoke was reserving for the 2 pt conversion.

Ramona said...

and, Bigasshamm, this doesn't make sense. If the original call is flawed, you still need a higher burden of proof to overturn it? Good grief even the OSU fan I work with greeted me this morning with "You got robbed!"

Ramona said...

and, Bigasshamm, this doesn't make sense. If the original call is flawed, you still need a higher burden of proof to overturn it? Good grief even the OSU fan I work with greeted me this morning with "You got robbed!"

Andrew said...

WOW....yesterday's loss really sucked....but those pictures made me vomit in my month....awesome....day old beer...where is the healing...

Dennis said...

I think you got robbed from the sheer volume of calls, though I agree with BAH that the ruling while painful, was right. There wasn't enough there to overturn it.


My 8 year old loves to mess with my wife's old digital camera. When serious he actually has a good eye for picture composure, etc. However, he also likes to try to shock us with pictures where he is, let's say, underclothed. I've had similar conversations with him, that he needs to not take pictures like that and that he needs to avoid Penn State athletic officals. Seriously, I wish you luck with the girls. At least you are telling them. There is a chance they heard you.


Your site, your rules, your pics. Though I think instead of healing pics, they should have been recatorgized. I didn't get to see the game and I'm only now catching up on fan reaction, but I think I get where you are coming from.


Healing pics date back to the Carr era, they started withh App State, iirc. They just got used a whole lot more during the RR experiment.


So, did a few wins and PSU lowering the bar for bad (though not NCAA violation type) behavior get you back on the OSU badwagon? Last I heard you were looking for a new team.

bigGexpress said...

Thanks for keeping me straight, but I'm good with stopping anything that started at App St. Also.