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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Student reaction to Paterno firing is reflection of symptoms behind scandal

As I watched events unfold in Happy Valley after Joe Paterno was fired last night, I was initially embarrassed for the students shouting for JoePa's return.  Begging for one more game.

But as their chants of "We are...Penn State" gave way to more of a mob mentality; as news vans were overturned and street lights were toppled, I became angry.  Such blind loyalty to a coach, and a team, and a school is exactly what caused men like AD Tom Curley, President Graham Spanier and, yes, coach Joe Paterno to abandon their responsibilities -- not as ADs, administrators and coaches; and not from a legal stand point -- but as human beings.  As fathers themselves.  People who, in attempting to the protect "the brand" behind the blind loyalty, failed on an immeasurably larger moral scale.

The scandal brewing around Penn State isn't about a football coach.  Or a team.  Or a school.  As others before me have said, it's so much bigger.  And infinitely worse.  This is about a bunch of kids -- some allegedly as young as 8 years old -- who were raped.  Yes, the terms "abused," "assaulted," and "molested" are thrown about and have been used more often since the story broke.  But while the meaning may be a legal distinction, those other terms sometimes seem to soften the horrific crimes that allegedly took place.  And such ugly, vile acts deserve no such shading.

If you think Joe Paterno was treated unfairly, read the grand jury report. It won't be easy.  It'll make you want to cry, scream or both.  Regarding the incident which was brought to Paterno's attention, the one involving "Victim #2" (there were allegedly eight over 15 years that are known about so far), a Penn State graduate assistant (now known to be current assistant coach Mike McQuery) entered Penn State's football building where, according to the grand jury report, he:

"heard rhythmic thumping, slapping sounds.  He believed the sounds to be those of sexual activity.  As the graduate assistant put the sneakers in his locker, he looked into the shower.  He saw a naked boy, Victim 2, whose age he estimated to be 10 years old, with his hands up against the wall, being subjected to anal intercourse by a naked Sandusky. "

He saw a 10 year old boy -- somebody's son -- being raped by a then-58-year-old man.  McQuery, who was "distraught" according to the report, talked to his dad, called and then went to Paterno's house where he "reported what he saw."  Paterno testified that the GA was "very upset."  Paterno then called Curley to his home -- on a Sunday -- and told him he had seen Jerry Sandusky "doing something of a sexual nature to a young boy." And after reporting this to Paterno, and Paterno telling his bosses, the GA heard back a couple weeks later:

"He was told that Sandusky's keys to the locker room were taken away and that the incident had been reported to the The Second Mile (Sandusky's charity)."

They took away the locker room keys. For the alleged rape of a 10 year old boy. 

And Joe Paterno knew about it.   Knew.  Not allegedly knew.  Yes, the rape itself is only alleged at this point.  But not the fact that McQuery told Paterno he saw something horrible happen to a little boy in the shower of the school's football building.  That is not in dispute.  Paterno himself admits -- both in the grand jury testimony and since the story broke -- that an upset McQuery told him he witnessed something awful between a 58 year old man and 10 year old boy in the school's football building.  Nobody denies that.

Of course the spin now is that Paterno (and Curley and Gary Schultz, another school administrator who was told at the time) were not informed by McQuery of the severity of what he saw in the shower.  They're all falling all over themselves now trying to downplay what was reported.  Claiming McQuery (who also failed miserably in this whole sordid affair) only said there was "inappropriate conduct," something that made him "uncomfortable," or "fondling," or "horsing around."

As if that makes the inaction of Paterno and the others okay.  Absolves them of their moral responsibility.  It does not.  Because there is no instance when it is okay for a 58 year old man to be with a 10 year old boy naked in a shower, "horsing around."

So I don't care if Paterno was a great football coach.  Or won a lot of games.  Or graduated a lot of players.  Or gave a lot of money to the school for a nice library.  He had to be fired.  Immediately and without ceremony.

Yes, it was one mistake, as his some of his interviewed supporters were quick to point out on TV last night.  And he apparently broke no laws.  For that he will suffer no legal consequences.  More importantly, and sometimes overlooked in the aftermath of the firing, Joe Paterno did not rape little boys.  Jerry Sandusky is allegedly the monster solely responsible for that.  Paterno's failing was an ethical one.  Not for what he did, but what he didn't did do.  If actions speak louder than words, in this case, Paterno's inaction was even louder and more damning.

Even JoePa understands that.

Before he was let go, Paterno said he wishes he would have done more after being alerted about the incident.  He could have: In 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 or 2011.  Or any of those other times he probably ran into Sandusky around the campus he was only banned from this week, or in the weight room Sandusky apparently used just last week.  But Paterno did not.  Instead, his moral inaction did and should have cost him his head coaching job.

If you think that was unfair to JoePa, well, that's exactly the kind of culture that led to some folks thinking after the rape of a 10 year old boy that the right thing to do was to take away some locker room keys.

So to all of you I saw on TV causing trouble on campus last night, yes, You are...Penn State. Now stop tipping over news vans, and screaming for the return of a coach who doesn't deserve that title anymore, and decide what that slogan means.  Joe Paterno forgot.  Will you?


JamesD'Troy said...

That was a fine post. Totally out of character with the satire, fart jokes, and healing pics I've come to expect from the MZone but it was a fine post nonetheless and well directed. Well done, sir.

For most of us, college football is an escape from reality. Yet with the PSU scandal we find the most vile, ugly form of reality intruding on one of the escapist means many of us use to cope with the daily routine of our lives.

That all too many, particularly those at PSU are rationalizing and excusing what Joe Paterno failed to do(report a paedophile to the proper authorities eg the police), if not enabled a paedophile is stunning and disturbing. Sadly, PSU fans aren't the only ones attempting to excuse away Paterno's failings. Try this howler from ESPN's Ivan Maisel;

'In truth, age failed him off the field. Paterno failed to grasp the import of what graduate assistant Mike McQueary said to him in March 2002. Paterno, like many in his generation, failed to grasp that society no longer handled such indecencies behind closed doors. Society once referred to the crimes of which Sandusky is accused as unspeakable. Nothing goes unspoken any longer.

This societal change is, in sum, a good thing.'
Link: http://espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/7211674/penn-state-nittany-lions-coach-joe-paterno-legacy-sullied-wake-sandusky-scandal

I don't know about y'all but seeing so many, try and excuse so much evil is terrifying and really makes worry about the future of this nation.

Bigasshammm said...

That whole administration can go to hell. I would have thought that the students would have seen the horror of what was going on but no. Like all the other ignorant youth of this day they only see what they want to see. I was looking forward to the next PSU game at home I was hoping they'd do something like turn their backs on the coaches or whatnot when they were announced. Instead they make themselves look like idiots in front of the rest of the nation and probably the world. Sad.
There's been a lot of "legacies tainted" over the last decade or so and I think none worse than this. I wouldn't shake Joe Paterno's hand if you gave me a million dollars. I'd rather spit in his face.

Dennis said...

Well said, Yost.

I've been lurking over at Black Shoe Diaries (BSD). There is a vocal segment of folks over there who think the media is to blame for what happened to Paterno. I was not suprised some of their rioters went after media vans.

What I don't understand is McQueary. How do you do see that and not stop it? I understand he is a family friend, but how can you not act? I'm looking at this from a distance and with a bit more age and experience, but even that he was 28 years old. Pull the fire alaram, if nothing else.

And, as far as I know he still has his job. How is that possible? And on BSD, some say firing him would be two wrongs not making a right. Now, BSD does not represent all fans, just like the MZone or even MGOBlog does not represent all of the Michigan Fanbase. But that being said, how can you support McQueary's inaction.

I know if this was what caused Tressel's downfall instead of Tatgate there would still be some knuckleheads who would support Tressel*. Of course Paterno and McQuery are lucky the live in one of the 10 states that do not require you contact the police, you just have to report it up the chain of command for your organization.

*Yes there was a rally on Tressel's lawn after Tatgate and there has been support for him all through this. The general thinking, it seems, for these folks is the rule about selling you gold pants, etc. is unfair. I don't think that is the case and even if I did, the rule is the rule.

I am working a gymnastic meet on Saturday, debating if I will TiVo the PSU Nebraska game. I'm wondering what will happen with the crowd. And then we have to host them next Saturday. That could be interesting...

Dennis said...

Penn State is going to get a lesson in how to be really stupid asshats. I feel for the cops that have to provide protection for these folks.

Michigan Sports Girl said...

Yost, this is one of your best posts to date. Well done, my friend. You stated everything perfectly. My thoughts on this matter are directly reflected in this post. Very, very well done.

Buckeye Wife Wolverine Mom said...

I, too, agree with you. Thank you for the post.

I'm hopeful that the young men (who were victimized by an adult they SHOULD have been able to trust) find some level of healing through this process of exposing the series of wrongs which happened. Most of us cannot comprehend the repercussions of such events. Presumably, these experiences were pivotal and influence every aspect of their lives. May they find affirmation and peace in this process.

Crock said...

I did see that Penn State has changed from a "white out" game to a planned "blue out" - to support Child https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=241960422529570Abuse awareness.
Such a sad situation. God Bless those victims. I pray that this might be a catalyst for change as people think, "what would I have done? what should've been done?"

phil said...

This is too sad and horrific to even comment on but to agree and expand on Crock's comment - there is a lesson in this for each and every human being to reflect on.

gh said...

A month ago if someone would have asked me if a major reseach university with a elite football program could respond to a scandal worse than Gordan Gee or Gene Smith did, I would have said no.

My natural cynicsm allowed me to understand how the tattoo scandal at tOSU happened (ie. how people can turn a blind eye to violations if it serves their interest to keep the machine rolling).

Never in my life would I ever think a program as squeaky clean as PSU would 1. have something like that going on and 2. not go into 'cleanse it with fire'-mode once they found out. Shame on them. It is hard to blame the media in this case for not telling all sides of the story when it appears that PSU had many years to tell their side of the story and as of yet, still hasn't.

The only good feeling I take away from this as a UM alum is that, while I don't agree 100% with her on many issues, Mary Sue Coleman can lead through crisis and make tough decisions with better foresight than her counterparts and never looked 'dumb' in front of the media (which is much of the battle these days). The basketball program paid a heavy price for the ed martin debacle, but when it came time to do the right thing, UM did and I am enjoying this recent resurgence more because of it. The practice-gate nonesense was certainly annoying, but UM didn't arrogantly dismiss the issue and was largely exonerated.

JR said...

Probably the best thing you have ever written. I love JoePa but the buck stops with him, maybe even more with him that any other of the administrators, because he was truly the face of Penn State and wielded a tremendous amount of power. I hate to see him go out like this, but it was the right thing to do. A lifetime of integrity and good works completely obliterated because a good man turned away and failed to confront the evil in his midst. And it appears as though the failure to take action was endemic to the entire institution, from the GA who LEFT A CHILD TO BE RAPED BY A GROWN MAN IN A SHOWER to the University President who took no action other than deflecting responsibility to others. So unbelievably sad, tragic, infuriating and shocking on so many levels.

surrounded in columbus said...

sadly, PSU fans have managed to do what i thought couldn't be done- they've found a way to make the tsio/Sweaterboy apologists look like they're NOT the biggest D-bags in college football.

not only are the underlying problems worlds apart, but the rampant support for Paterno by PSU fans in the aftermath of HIS failure to report actually makes the tsio support of Sweaterboy in the aftermath of HIS failure to report look almost reasonable.


Yost said...

Thanks for the kind words re: the column. Wish there was not a reason to write it. While PSU football will move on, those kids will live with the horror of what happened forever. It's tragic beyond measure.

Shorty the Beachcomber said...

One factual correction: after witnessing the attack an upset and distraught McQueary called his dad, and the next morning they went to JoePa's so the younger McQueary could tell JoePa what he saw. What I make of that is that McQueary obviously was raised by a shitty role model who advocated the younger's pee-brained response (the elder ironically being a well known and very respected youth sports coach in Happy Valley). You can't make this stuff up.

From this I have a couple of questions, mostly trivial/trying to understand the complexities of the human mind. Did McQueary sleep at all that night before he went to JoePa's? Did his father? After learning that no police action would be taken, how did McQueary feel whenever he saw Sandusky from that point on, especially when Sandusky was with young boys? Despite being banned from bringing kids onto campus after the attack, why did JoePa and McQueary not say anything when Sandusky brought his at the time current victim to team practices in the spring of 2007? How does McQueary's wife feel about him now? Did she know anything before her husband's testimony? The couple has an infant daughter, so how does she rationalize his inaction? Women out there on the blog, how would you feel if your husband took the actions of McQueary in this matter?

These are not the important questions of the day, but I have been following this closer than 9/11, so my mind has a lot of questions.

Furthermore, what I can say about the situation is that people tend to think squeaky clean is a projection of strength and high moral virtue. In reality, the strongest may be those whose mettle and fortitude is tested regularly in small doses; not those isolated from exposure. It is like excersizing the immune system or muscles, when left unworked for long lengths, they tend to respond poorly or fail in a moment of need. Conversely, when excersized with regularity, exposed to a healthy or small dose of strain, the two tend to respond much better in moments of crisis. The same goes for strength of character and moral virtue.

Shorty the Beachcomber said...


Both JoePa and the younger McQueary it seems had lived their entire lives in the sheltered world of football. With Happy Valley being a place of blind allegiance, void of questioning or controversy (much like Columbus, OH and the downfall of the vest), both men suffered from a lack of excersize in outside crisis management (other than on the field), and their actions were symptomatic of their poor preparation for such a titanic situation. This is why places that are exposed to media and public scrutiny are more apt to handle terrible matters so much better, because they are aware they must actively prepare for the worst after being exposed to controversy before (not that this case was not humanity 101).

Furthermore, I guarantee that Penn State had virtually no training/posting of information/policy regarding the reporting of such crimes, or even other compromising situations such as sexual harrassment. Having served in the Marines and receiving training in such matters, to me it is the great irresponsibility and failure of all to not educate all employees (and students) of their rights, and duty, to report all incidents of potentially criminal behavior. At the very mimimum this protects the institution and its employees from liability. People deserve the opportunity to be respected, and to have their concerns about such serious matters addressed. It sure seems to me like the entire football team and staff have never had any official policy guidance in what to do (and Penn State is likely not the only place by a long shot here), likely because many Penn State officials largely do not know what they are supposed to do. This is why you have a victim's advocate office. So they can be there to address concerns, and so that they can step into your world for a one hour time slot a year to educate all present on their role in the fabric of the organization, what the signs of abuse are, and what you must do upon suspecting abuse.

This is not an attempt to rationalize in an attempt to justify or sympathize with JoePa and McQueary here. I think they both need to be out, done, now. I hope McQueary never sees the sideline again, either. I believe in redemption and second chances, but I also believe there are plenty of good men out there who are rising in the coaching world and don't need a second chance to do right by Penn State University and the goodly sensibilities and decencies of the world.

P.S. Happy Birthday to Andy and all the Marines out there on this our 236th birthday.

Yost said...

StBC, I did know about the dad part but, at the ungodly hour I was writing, left it out. Corrected.

And I agree re: McQuery not being anywhere near the team on Saturday.

Bigasshammm said...

I've never ever wanted to go to an Ohio State game at the Shoe until now. I'd love to go to next weeks game just to boo. I'd boo till I couldn't talk and then would leave.

I read a thing earlier where they interviewed current recruits who were all "devastated" by the loss of Paterno. Seriously? If that was my kid there would be no way in hell he would be attending PedoU.

WV = roodent (extra o for outrageous)

GoBlueBob said...

I read the grand jury file and am sick about what happened to those young men. If it had been me who saw what was going on in that shower the police would have been called immediately and I would have stayed with the young man until they arrived. There is no excuse for witnessing something like that and taking a day to talk about it with someone else. Anyone and everyone who knew about this and did nothing deserve whatever consequences they get.

On another note: To Shorty and any other Marines out there, Happy Birthday to the Marine Corp. Semper Fi

Rigby said...

To me, the most damning thing about Paterno in this is that Sandusky was allowed to be on campus after the incident. That speaks volumes about Paterno's character to me. I know he's a legend, I know he cared for his players, and I know the players respected him, but how can anyone with a conscience stand to be around a man (Sandusky) that did these things? Paterno knew what happened. Maybe not to the full extent, but he knew enough. Yet he allowed Sandusky to be on campus, have an office after retirement, have keys to the weight room, etc. Unbelievable. It should have made Paterno sick to have Sandusky anywhere near him, yet it didn't. It really disgusts me.

I've known people who later turned out to be awful human beings, and I can't even be in the same room with them now. Flat out refuse. Yet this scum Sandusky was permitted to walk around PSU's campus like an honored member of the former staff. Despicable. I'm so angry at everyone involved I can't even stand it.

And no, if Paterno can't be on the sideline, then neither should Chicken-Sh*t McQueary. Sorry for the language, but that's what he is.

Yost said...

Yeah, McQuery doesn't get much sympathy from me either. So let me get this straight: you walk in on a 10 yr old boy being RAPED in the shower...and you leave? You LEAVE?!

No, you save the boy. You help him. You do anything necessary to to stop a the rape of a child.

How does he look himself in the mirror after that? After knowing how many other kids' lives were ruined?

Shaner5000 said...

Does the NCAA step in at all in this, even if its after all investigations by the FBI, prosecutors, etc? If you think about the phrases "lack of institutional control" and "failure to monitor", doesn't allowing a former coach (who Penn State coaches and admins have highly credible reasons to suspect is a pedophile) free-reign on campus to do whatever he was doing to these children show lack of institutional control? Or will the NCAA butt out because this didn't involve the student athletes directly?

Bigasshammm said...

I can't see the NCAA being involved in this. He wasn't on the staff at the time and it has nothing to do with their athletics. They're going to take a big enough hit publicly as a University that far outweighs anything that the NCAA can do to them. I think it's great that they are far in the lead in their division. I would love to see them go to the championship game because the over exposure this will create will be everywhere.

Plus it's not the players fault their coach and staff were complete scum.

surrounded in columbus said...

thread jack-

tsio hit w/ failure to monitor charge. more to come!!!


SierraSpartan said...

I honestly do not know how PennState maintains a BCS-level football program after this.

The entire athletic administration of that school needs to be removed, root and branch.

Their stadium and their "athletic complex" where these things happened need to be torn down and the ground they currently stand upon should be salted with Radioactive Cobalt such that nothing will ever be placed there again, if for no other reason than to stand as mute reminders of the cries of young boys that were silenced by Paterno and Sandusky and his enablers.

There must be swift and severe penalties for all who saw what went on, who knew what was going on and did naught about it, and especially those who (after the fact) have been working so hard to cover it up.

Shaner5000 said...

Sure, he wasn't on staff, but as a very beloved ex-coach, he had keys to the entire athletic facility, quite literally. He was allowed to bring his charity kids to campus for many many years until they told him to stop, and the players were urged to volunteer for his mentoring program. And lets not forget, he was busted mid-rape in a campus facility! Here's a hypthetical: if an ex-coach for the Miami Hurricanes was running a large drug operation out of university facilities, would you still think this has nothing to do with the football program, since no players were doing the selling, packing, distributing, etc? Its a black eye on the athletic program in particular, and the university as a whole. Of course the NCAA needs to step in.

Andy said...

Excellent work Yost. Tough subject. Certainly one of your best posts.

I dont tell many people this, but as a kid I cheered for Penn State and Joe Paterno as much as I did Michigan and Bo. As a high school senior, I applied and was accepted at both schools. I had to make a choice between Penn State and Michigan and I chose my home state. I have never looked back, but I still had a soft spot for the Nits. Until this week.

Like most of you, I have watched in horror as this thing has unfolded. I can't fathom how a monster like Sandusky was allowed to operate at the school, even after he was caught in the act... Multiple times. Shame on them.

Regardless of what the irrational masses in Happy Valley think, Joe Paterno and everyone involved with covering up these crimes at the school have failed as human beings. They deserve everything that has already and is going to happen to them.

Last night I had a thought.... What if this had happened at Michigan? You never know, but I am fairly confident and comforted in my belief that if one of Bo Schembechler's assistant coaches was found raping a child in the football building shower. In addition to calling the Ann Arbor Police... someone was going to need to call the Washtenaw County Morgue to ready a table for the suddenly deceased pedophile.

Finally... On a poitive note. Happy Birthday to Shorty and any other LeatherNecks out there. Semper Fi!

hs8bern said...

Great post! It should be mandatory reading for all Penn State people who think Joe Pa got the shaft.This hits on all points of why it went down like it did.All involved should be fired! And charges should be filed if found there was a active cover up to permit this monsters abuses to keep happening.And to be honest if any human came upon that attack on that boy in the shower and let it continue should be arrested and charged with aiding and abeding(?). I tend to think that at least 99.9% would have beat the shit out of Sandusky and removed that young boy and call the police! As for Joe Pa he recieved what he deserved along with all the others!

Ramona said...

Really good work here Yost. You tackled the toughest subject, and head-on, with class. No one trying to excuse Paterno, or the entire sordid program, would be doing so if that was thier kid.

This started with the witness who did not immediatley try to free the child from being raped. I don't get this? Was he afraid, if so from what? Makes no sense. I would have immediately taken some action to separate the rapist from the child, and so would any reader here. It continues with JoPa "reporting" the incident to his superior. OK, so now my butt is covered? It's someone else's problem? I don't care about the fact that a child has been physically violated on my watch, just as long as my butt is covered?
JoPa is a reprehensible slime and so is the institution that employed him, that made him the FACE of Happy Valley (not happy for young boys who were raped) that was content to turn a blind eye to these abuses as long as they were confident they covered their own asses legally. Again - none of the IDIOTS who defend JoPa would be singing the same tune if something like that happened to their kid. Clean house, fire everyone, kick those jerks out of the conference. And put them in a prison of the sort where the inmates take a dim view of child molestors.

CM UM80 said...

The horrible act of raping a 10 yo boy can not possibly understood on any level. The fact that multiple high- ranking PSU officials were unable to recognize this, either as a whole or individually, can be viewed as a failure of American higher education. The responsibilities of University Presidents and their faculties are awesome. This can not excuse the reprehensible lack of collective common sense demonstrated at PSU. As a grateful recipient of a degree from the University of Michigan, I can only hope that the PSU atrocity is an anomaly.

wingedhelmet said...

Once again you have eloquently and precisely expressed my feelings on an important issue. I should thank you for all the time you save me by eliminating the need for me to consider how I might convert my thoughts into words. Well done.

I received an email from a PSU alum with whom I am friends. Over the years he has presented me with memorable emails and gifts. One such gift is a boat bag emblazoned with the team names and score of the "Horror", another a glossy photograph of he and an Appalachian State under grad, just some random guy that he encountered on the road, in a Michigan fan bar.
Yesterday I received an email with a simple request. "Could I join you as a Michigan fan?"

What followed was a thoughtful explanation of his sadness, dissappointment and disgust at the situation in Happy Valley. Interestingly, one of his biggest dissappointments was the "unconditional" support offered up by the President of PSU for Curly and Shulz. Further, he expressed his complete disgust with Joe Paterno's failure to act to protect future victims of Sandusky.

I am sharing this only because I wish that the focus might switch from the vocal minority supporting Joe Paterno to the larger group of PSU fans holding this larger, unselfish and reasonable view of the bigger issues, for instance the responsibility of each of us to protect the weakest among us.

I heard some radio commentator express the following "I have met Bo Schembechler and I played for Joe Paterno, these two men were cut from the same cloth..." which is when he lost me. I know this. I knew Bo and this JoPa is no Bo Schembechler.

There is no way in the world that Bo would have allowed anyone else to do the heavy lifting.

I can see the headline photo of Bo standing in that shower, Sandusky face down and Bo's boot on his neck, head slightly cocked to the right with that wad of gum and a Block M hat the ever present whistle hanging around his neck as the Michigan State police snapped the cuffs on Sandusky.

You can bet that Bo would never have passed this up the chain to let someone else do the work.

And by the way I have become a huge Theo Fleury fan this week. If you get a chance listen to his interview with ESPN on espn.com.


JamesD'Troy said...

As much as we're all wringing our hands and asking ourselves, 'how could this happen?' Well, maybe the moral rot in college athletics, not just Penn State is deeper and far more pervasive than all of us would like to admit.

After all, why should it surprise anyone that this child rape scandal happened when so much else was going on at Penn State under Paterno's watch?

This is just 2002-2008. I'm not sure what the totals are between 2009-2011.


1. Maurice Humphrey - Arrest, Assault & Prison - Guilty
2. Maurice Humphrey - Probation Violation - Guilty
3. Maurice Humphrey - Fake ID Probation Violation - Guilty
4. Tyler Reed - Drunk in Public Summary Charge - Guilty
5. Andrew Richardson - Drunk in Public Summary Charge - Guilty
6. Rashard Casey - Arrest, Assault, - Dismissed
7. Anwar Phillips - Arrest, Assault, - Dismissed
8. T.C. Cosby - Arrest, Assault, - Acquitted
9. Michael Robinson - Ice-Rink Fight - Summary Charge
10. Lavon Chisley - Arrest, Sexual Assault, - Dismissed
11. Paul Jefferson - Drunk In Public Summary Charge - Guilty
12. Ed Johnson - Ice-rink fight Summary Charge - Guilty
13. Matthew Rice - Ice-rink fight - Summary Charge - Guilty
14. John Bronson, Arrest, Assault - Dismissed
15. Jeremy Kapinos - Drunk in public - Summary Charge
16. Tom McHugh - Hitting a woman - Summary Charge
17. Tony Johnson - Arrest, DUI - Guilty
18. Richard Cheek - Arrest, Stolen Credit Card - Guilty
19. Yaacov Yisreal - DUI - Guilty
20. Dan Drogan - DUI Leaving Accident - Guilty

JamesD'Troy said...


21. Dethrell Garcia - DUI - Guilty
22. Scott Paxson - Criminal Mischief, Summary Charge - Guilty
23. E.Z. Smith - Drunk in public - Summary Charge - Guilty
24. R.J. Luke - Arrest Assault - Acquitted
25. Damone Jones - Unknown Charges - Dismissed From School
26. Mike Sothern - Terroristic Disorderly Criminal Mischief - Guilty
27. Mike Sothern - Criminal Mischief Expelled - Guilty
28. EZ Smith - Criminal Mischief Summary Charge - Guilty
29. Scott Paxson - Criminal Mischief Summary Charge - Guilty
30. Tyler Reed - Criminal Mischief Summary Charge - Guilty
31. Andrew Richardson - Criminal Mischief Summary Charge - Guilty
32. Ed Johnson - Sexual Misconduct Arrest - Guilty
34. Dan Connor - Criminal Mischief Phone Summary Charge - Guilty
35. Nolan MCready - Criminal Mischief Phone Summary Charge - Guilty
36. Jim Kanuch - Criminal Mischief Summary Phone Charge - Guilty
37. Paul Cronin - Drunk In Public Summary Charge - Guilty
38. Scott Paxson - Sexual Assault & Aggravated Indecent Charge - Guilty
39. Francis Claude - Arrest At Bar Disorderly Conduct - Guilty
40. Ed Johnson - Failed Drug Test Condition of Parole - Guilty
41. Lavon Chisley - Murder Charge - Guilty Life Sentence
42. Anthony P. Scirrotto - Burglary, criminal trespass, criminal solicitation, simple assault, harassment. - Trial Pending
43. Chris I. Baker - Burglary, criminal trespass criminal trespass, disorderly conduct, harassment.
44. Jerome A. Hayes - Criminal trespass, disorderly conduct, harassment. - Dismissed
45. Justin King - Criminal trespass, disorderly conduct, harassment. - Dismissed
46. Tyrell A. Sales - Criminal trespass, disorderly conduct, harassment - Dismissed
47. Lydell R. Sargeant - Criminal trespass, disorderly conduct, harassment - Dismissed
48. Andrew Quarless - Underage Drinking - Guilty
49. Willie Harriot - Underage Drinking - Guilty
50. Austin Scott - Rape, Drugs - Trial
51. Joe Suhey - Underage Drinking - Guilty
52. Ryan Breen - Underage Drinking - Guilty,
53. Joe Paterno - Road Rage - No Charges
54. Chris Baker - Felony aggravated assault, simple assault, disorderly conduct, summary harassment and stalking, - Pending.
55. Navarro Bowman - Felony aggravated assault, simple assault, disorderly conduct, summary harassment and stalking, - Pending.
56. Knowledge Timmons - Disorderly conduct and defiant trespass - Pending
57. Tyrell Sales n Under age drinking 2008 - Pending
58. Chris Bell Dismissed from the team off the field issues and academics
59. Phillip Taylor Dismissed from the team off the field issues and academics
60. Andrew Quarless Suspended, charged with DUI.
61. Chris Bell Dismissed from the team for threatening a teammate with a knife in team dining room.
62. Willie Harriot - Dismissed from team for DUI
63. Maurice Evans - Marijuana possession - Pending
64. Abe Koroma - Marijuana possession - Pending
65. Andrew Quarless - Marijuana possession - Pending
66. James McDonald - Dismissed from team for DUI
67. Glenn Carson - Public Drunkenness and Disorderly Conduct
68. Ako Poti - DUI
68. Michael Zordich - DUI

Penn State Criminal Charges

All of records are from the state of Pennsylvania.

Year Players Counts
2002 4 6
2003 10 20
2004 8 32
2005 11 12
2006 5 7
2007 17 72
2008 3 14

Total Players Charged: 46 Total Counts: 163
Total Players Guilty: 27 Total Guilty: 45

To be fair, Penn State isn't alone in racking up these arrest tallies. As much as we would all like to blame Paterno and Penn State, the real enabler of all of this is, the NCAA.

Fix, or get rid of the NCAA and I suspect the moral rot we see at places like Miami, Ohio State, PSU, North Carolina, Auburn, Oregon, et al. will largely go away.

Ramona said...

McQuery is done as a coach and is now in protective custody.

Ramona said...

And more sinister. A Prosecutor who knew something about the Sandusky cases (and who didn't prosecute) is now declared dead after years of being "missing."

How much power do these programs have... and how low do they sink to try and be a winning program...