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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Spot the BCS Bowl Contender

If (and it's a big if) Michigan were to win its final two games, a 10-2 and top 10-ranked U-M -- which hasn't been to a BCS bowl since the 2006 season -- would be a very attractive at-large selection.  Yet that probably won't happen because, while one of those slots will probably be filled by an 11-1 Stanford (deserved), the other could be filled by an undefeated team with one of the two resumes below.

And while you could (rightfully) argue that a 10-2 Michigan doesn't deserve a BCS bowl bid, does the team in contention below?

See if you can spot the BCS bowl game contender based on their schedule thus far:

TEAM "A"                                        TEAM "B"

UCLA  38-34                                     Western Illinois  20-6
North Texas  48-23                            Central Arkansas 31-10
Louisiana Tech 35-34                        New Mexico  48-45
Georgia State  56-0                            Texas-San Antonio  22-7
UTEP  49-42                                      Stephen F. Austin  45-10
East Carolina  56-3                            Nicholls  47-7
Marshall  63-28                                  McNeese State  38-14
Rice  73-34                                         Lamar  66-0
UAB  56-13                                        Southeastern Louisiana  38-9
Tulane  73-17                                     Northwestern State  43-17

Gee, both have a regional Texas opponents on there.  Both have a victory against a small Louisiana on there.  Hmmm.

So who is the BCS contender?  Well, if you guessed "Houston," you're only half right.  Team "A" is the University of Houston.  Team "B" is the 3rd ranked school in 1-AA, Sam Houston State.  U-H will most likely "qualify" for the non-Big 6 BCS auto bid if they finish undefeated due to their ranking.

But, hey, when you've beaten a 5-5 Rick Neuheisal-coached UCLA team (at Houston, by the way) for your marque victory, why not?

Sure, Michigan hasn't exactly played a murder's row.  But did you know that the only team Michigan has played thus far with a losing record is Minnesota? 

And Houston?  The only team they've played thus far with a winning record is Louisiana Tech.

Hell, forget Michigan.  If I were Sam Houston State, I'd be pissed.


surrounded in columbus said...

well, if michigan would get an at large bid, we could very easily end up playing Stanford, Bama, or OU. i'm not sure this isn't a good year to play the Cap One or Outback Bowls.

i'm not saying, i'm just saying.

Rigby said...

I really hope we don't get a bid for a BCS bowl. I just don't see anything positive to it from a football perspective (yes we get the huge cash earnings. Stop drooling Dave Brandon). I'm happy with our showing this year, happy with the progress (DE-FENSE!). I don't think getting spanked for the second year in a row in a bowl game is a momentum builder for recruiting and going into next year. We're not at the BCS level yet. I am hoping for an even matchup and a hard fought game, win or lose (hopefully win).

Mikoyan said...

Sam Houston can't get into a BCS bowl because not only are they not from one of the annointed conferences, they aren't even in the annointed Division.

And yeah, it might be a good year for one of the lower tier bowls. Maybe they can face EMU in the Motor City bowl...:)

surrounded in columbus said...

for the record, i wouldn't mind playing the big east or acc champs. and i'm not afraid of us losing, per se (this is michigan, fergodsakes- losing bowl games is a tradition).

but we already have to play Bama to start next season. hate to get plowed by them in a bowl & then have to get off the mat & do it again in Dallas.

i'm not saying, i'm just saying

Bigasshammm said...

Yea we already have a BCS bowl game in Dallas next Sept. We're good for this season.

Gimme a New Years day bowl and I'll be happy.