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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Operation: Hail (aka Bravest. Glee. Club. Members. Ever.)

And you thought the Navy SEALS who pulled off Operation: Geronimo by sneaking into Pakistan to take out Bin Laden were brave and daring.


The latest online version of LSA Magazine (which I didn't know was apparently purchased by Soldier of Fortune, Inc.) has an article on Operation: Out of Your Fucking Mind Operation: Hail described as this:

Can U-M students pull off singing "The Victors" on Ohio State University's campus? Watch as three glee club members invade rival territory wearing maize and blue and belting the Wolverine fight song.

LSA sent three students down to the heart of Buckeye territory to do the unthinkable: Sing "The Victors" on Ohio State University's campus and somehow make it out alive. Wearing maize and blue, glee club members Mary Wilhelm ('14), Brandon Cory ('13), and Justin Lu ('14) fearlessly execute Operation: Hail. Raise your fist and cheer for Blue as you watch this crazy, courageous display of Wolverine pride.

Now, if that's true, if LSA actually sent these glee club members down there, they may have just violated about 56 state and federal laws concerning student welfare.

Here's the visual proof of their mission.  It should probably come with a disclaimer...

WARNING: No Glee Club members were harmed during the making of this video (although they may have to go into hiding for awhile).


scott said...

As a Michigan fan living in Ohio, all I can say is...Tremendous!

Worm said...

As another Michigan fan in Ohio,thank you,thank you very much.

Ramona said...

This was, just beyond, totally awesome!! Who says this new generation doesn't have spirit.
Road trip to CBus, infiltration of enemy camp with pride, class and beautiful singing voices, CHECK!!

Mikoyan said...


wingedhelmet said...


Great job;

Thanks for posting this.

Dennis said...

Nice voices. Based on the audio I'm wondering how much singing they did while filming?

I had to look at the opening again to look at the date stamp to realize they were on campus on our Bye Week Saturday. That is why it seemed kinda empty.

Strategically, probably the best time to come. It looks like they had a good time and I hope they didn't get hassled for it. From the video it doesn't look like it, but they were there for a long time and the video was only a couple minutes.

I tip my hat to them, while I have a much different set of lyrics to that song, they put a lot of time and effort into it and I admire that kind of chutzpah.

Earle said...

This is the type of stuff that makes this rivalry great. Funny as hell and you guys have a lot of balls!


MiserereMeiDeus said...

Gosh, how dastardly.

MGoShoe said...

Looks like the biggest reaction they got was the kid who appears to give them the finger as they drive away from that cesspool.

Also, as a lefty myself I realize that executing a proper "Hail" fist pump requires discipline, but seriously, young man: you're representing the University of Michigan fergodsakes! Get it right (so to speak).

Paul Poenicke said...

Great job. Glad to see they didn't get the Wojo treatment, thrown in the slammer for being maize in blue in Columbus. Give these guys a shot at singing the national anthem against Ohio State!

Justin said...

Thanks for all the nice things that you guys have to say about the video - a lot of time and hard work went it to making it... But most of all, we had an awesome road-trip down to "enemy territory"!

As for MGoShoe's comment: because of filming angles, it made more sense for me to use my "up-stage" hand for the fist-pumps. Don't worry - I know how to "HAIL"! :P

Thanks for watching, and forever, GO BLUE!

Doug said...

That was great. This site is an oasis in the college football web-sphere. Thanks Yost and those who made the clip.

I will pay you back for that brazen display, though. I'm coming to your campus and I'm going to sing the same song. Your ears will bleed. The pain of it will be beyond belief. You will cringe every time you hear it on Saturdays as the memory of my less than beautiful voice explodes in your head.

Yes, revenge is sweet.

Go Bucks!