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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The new Buckstache logo is here! The new Buckstache logo is here!

Everybody coming up huge this week.  In honor of The Game, Rigby helped me with a new Buckstache logo.  Ah, just in time for some new fan board avators and a little pre-game smack talk!

And for those of you who may be new to the site and aren't sure what a Buckstache is, for cryin' out loud, do your homework!  This is the MZone, for god's sake!


hs8bern said...

Like it! UofM should jail sex TOSU.
With that said you might tease the buckstache what about the walmart wolverine with the mullet, just as bad! And I see alot of them in my travels thru this fine state. Its so sad but I truley do get embarrased by TOSU fan base and there classless actions(my bad spelling and sentence structure also)I can't wait too see how big the celebrations when uofm jail sexs TOSU, lots of frustrations with uofm fans and football team,probaly like when Ralphie beat the snot out of Scut Farkus (looked name up) in Christmas Story. Just remember sure you will TOSU but it will be done with an intrim coach,a true freshman qb and a team missing half the scumbags that would have been starting had they not been so sleezy. so enjoy your victory uofm cause it should be about of hallow as victory can be. But enjoy you 10-2 season and good bowl game until GULP you have to travel outside the confines of the big house.I mean 8 home games and split the road games winning against the lesser opponets yet getting stomped by the good teams
on the road. Hoke for big 10 coach of the year!

Mikoyan said...

Do they teach about paragraphs in Ohio?

Dennis said...


They did when I was growing up there. I'm thinking someone may have hit the eggnog a bit early. I thought he had renounced Ohio State, but now he seems all over the map.

As for the graphic, (hey a new paragraph) nicely done, though there should be some kind of stache graphic, perhaps under the S.

hs8bern said...

Hey i know I can't spell or form a proper sentence. But I still hope uofm beats hell out of tosu!
I also hope those Urban Meyer rumors are true. And if so that Urban looks up to Ann Arbor on how to bring a program back.