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Monday, November 28, 2011

MZone Picture of the Day: Super Sale in Ohio

Our pal BigAssHammm who, unfortunately, is trapped behind enemy lines, sent us this picture he took near Cuyahoga Falls, OH on Saturday.  We're guessing this display was full...until right after the Michigan-Ohio game ended. 


Dennis said...

Given those have been sitting in a warehouse for 8* years, no suprise they are on sale. :)

Michigan Sports Girl said...

LOL! Great post, Yost!

@ Dennis: I really appreciate the levity that you bring to the M/OSU rivalry. I wish that all Buckeye fans were like you! I think it's great when both sides can keep things light and have fun in the spirit of competition!

Thank you for being you! I always look forward to reading your posts!

phil said...

Yost and MZone readers: I am forming a protest group that basically is protesting how cheap Ohio State is. Only $40 million for 7 years? Hey, Ohio State, this isn't just some high school coach. Do you realize how cheap your whole university looks with this ridiculous offer? A low-ball figure to be sure. What a bunch of cheapskates. I will be emailing the administration at tUOS and complaining. Hopefully we can "OCCUPY OSU" until they make a better offer. He is worth at least $400 million per year. Look at all the crap he has to put up with. I will be buying billboards and TV ads throughout Ohio. More to come.

A2saint said...

As an aside- Not too long after the game I drove down to Cabela's in Dundee to hang out in the Bargain Cave. The place was full of OSU fans fresh from the game. I guess none of them had heard of the Woody Hayes edict about never spending any money in Michigan...

Dennis said...


Thank you for the kind words. I think I have had one post here where I felt I got a little too nasty. I've said before I think I have a different perspective than many of my Buckeye Brethern because I lived outside of not only Ohio but Big Ten Country for a number of years. I worked very closely with a huge Michigan fan during much of that time and we were able to discuss college football rationally.

While there is much to despise about the SEC, I do admire that they support their team first, then their conference. Too many of our fans relish in the suffering of other conference teams and don't get the big picture. Sure a part of me enjoyed the RR years, just because of the irrationality of some of your fans for his scheme. And clearly he was a good defense away from implementing it. I imagine many of you will feel some of that if the Urban Renewal (is that as annoying as I think it sounds) goes the way of the RichRod experiment. But I started to feel bad for you and I felt it cheapened some of our wins and lessened the conference.

Anyhow, I'm glad Yost came back and that I finally stopped lurking and started posting and that I feel mostly welcome. Honestly, given some of my opinions, I think I am more welcome here than some OSU sites.


If he wins, especially a MNC, don't be suprised if that salary jumps. It will also be interesting to see if we start spending SEC style money on assistant coaches. And if that has a negative impact on the other 36 sports or if it will be absorbed, like your recent expenses, by increased ticket prices.