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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Michigan - 40, That School in Ohio - 34

It wasn't pretty, but it's a big Meeeeeechigan "W"!

And with The Streak now history, I think President Ford speaks for all Michigan fans in saying...

Yes, my fellow Wolverines, our long national nightmare is over!

Need more?  Sure you do!  And with the Michigan victory, here's one of the most beautiful things you'll see today courtesy of the Columbus Dispatch...

And this is what 114,000 Meeechigan fans celebrating a victory over OSU looks like...

(HT: BP for the pic!)


bigGexpress said...

Any status on couch casualties in C-bus?

Yost said...

LOL, big. I think I smell another MZone tweet.

616goblue said...


Hey my Blackberry Bold takes some sweet pictures, eh? Hope you all like the view from Section 16 in The Big House :)

Does ANYBODY have a picture of the final score with the clock showing 0:00 -- OR -- when the jumbotron showed 0 days since Ohio beat Michigan??? If so, please send them into the Mzone IHQ offices for our viewing pleasure.

From the bottom of my cotton picking maize and blue heart, thank you in advance.


M Fanfare said...

You guys, beating Ohio is great and all, but I have a serious concern. With no golden pants or championship rings to sell, how are all of those Buckeye players supposed to feed their families?

Yost said...

616, I tweeted one that somebody sent me on Twitter. Will post tomorrow with a little something Andy just sent. It's pretty awesome!

Fanfare, very valid point.

LindsayandReid said...

Someone needs to tell those people at the dispatch that next year is a leap year, so their clock needs to add another day? Am I wrong here. I was a classical languages major.

Bigasshammm said...

Emailed in a pic I just took at the Acme right down the rd from us. Seemed fairly fitting.

Go blue. Bout to get an audio clip of the M band playing temptation. Should make a nice ringtone. I would also love that 0 days picture. Would be a nice phone wallpaper.

Ramona said...

Wow do I love this pic! Watching ESPN from work is better than NOT watching, but they cut away at the end so fast, would have been nice to see some of the celebration on the field.

On Cloud 9.. congrats to Brady Hoke, staff and players! How awesome for the seniors.. Frank and Jim said that Brady started a new tradition, pics of him with each senior and their families. What a classy guy he is!!

Orthodoxhobbit said...

I am a graduate of Ohio. You know the Bobcats, Ohio University. We are do not play Michigan. I do not care who wins the Michigan vs OSU (Ohio State) games. (I did not go to either school.) I just wonder why the coach of Michigan keeps having his team yell "beat Ohio"? I mean Ohio is not a big power house football University. You are Michigan, we are Ohio, Michigan State is not Michigan, Ohio State is not Ohio. So why do you yell beat Ohio, most teams in the Big Ten can be Ohio?

I guess we should feel honored Michigan is scared of Ohio in football.

Merrick 561 said...

@Orthodox it's a rib at that school from Ohio. Just another way to enhance the rivalry by insulting their football team. And I would've been scared to play Ohio with Rich rod at the helm.

In other news, is it wrong to still be drinking/celebrating a win at almost 4 AM?

Mikoyan said...

It's easier to say Ohio than drunken idiots from south of the border...:)

Earle said...

About the Dispatch clock...I thought it was funny how they changed it from that silly ass "days since" to "days until" about a week before the game, knowing they were underdogs and probably having an overwhelming feeling that they wouldn't win.

So enjoyable...