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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Luke Fickell talks to his team before the Michigan-Ohio State game

In an MZone exclusive, we have obtained the video below of soon-to-be-fired Ohio State football coach Luke Fickell addressing the Buckeyes for this week's big Michigan-Ohio State game. 

As you can tell, the man is a motivational master. 

Note: I was going to start a "Luke Fickell" tag for posts about him here at the MZone. But then I realized, what's the point?


VictoryForMSU said...

Yost, where are the posts about Rich Rod to Zona? I need something witty to make it through the short week!

Dennis said...

Yost has his priorities right. He has all offseason to comment on if RichRod can be a real Arizona Man. If he finally found a good home since he is in a conference that doesn't really play defense, etc.

An Yost, given the way our LBs tackled against Penn State last week, they needed this explanation.

surrounded in columbus said...

we only talk about coaches that coach for Michigan

Yost said...

What Andy is saying, VfMSU is...

Not our problem anymore. Thankfully, not our problem.

Ramona said...

Kid just walked in here and advises that Urban Meyer is going to be the next Buckstache head coach.. Not sure what to think. Other than that was longer than most sentences I get out of my teenager.