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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving from the MZone!

Thanks to all who take a few minutes of their day to check out the site.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

And even on this holiday -- with The Game so close you can taste it like the meal you're stuffing your face with today -- we're not going to leave you hanging.  Below are some of the lesser known works by Norman Rockwell that the MZone recently discovered in the archives.

Enjoy and...

Go Blue!

A very special thanks to Rigby for staying up waaaaay late to do these for today.


GoBlueBob said...

We are having about 25 people over today for dinner. It will be a busy day for my wife and I but will also be fun.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Andrew said...

THE GAME THE GAME...cant wait until Sat.
Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Wolverine fans. BeHave & Be Safe.

Ramona said...

I have the day off so there is no excuse not to go outside and bag up the leaves before dinner...

Pics are of course hilarious.. and nice to see that first thing in the morning after making the mistake of reading OSU fan comments to the Urban Meyer stories all around the web. OSU fans just have so much class.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

wingedhelmet said...

Saturday cannot come soon enough for me! Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Oh and Rich..."those are all my guys" probably just makes the case that quality coaching makes all the difference.

GO BLUE beat that school in Ohio.

@Yost - among many other things I am thankful that the MZONE is back; I appreciate the efforts.

beast in 'bama said...

This Thanksgiving is now a very special one for all us Texas fans everywhere, sending the Agros to the SEC with their tails between their legs!

Best of luck breaking that Buckeye hex on Saturday. I'll be pulling for you.

It's a shame we won't be on the same bowl tier this year (yours will be a little higher than ours, regardless of the outcome Saturday). Let's make plans for another BCS matchup after next season - Michigan/Texas II - that Rose Bowl classic deserves a re-match.