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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

God spites ref for bad call

Been meaning to say something about this...

Did you notice the bile bursting forth from the ref when he announced they were overturning Fitz Toussaint's TD late in the game?  Everybody I was watching with asked, What the hell was that? 

Well, after getting all Zapruder on it, I think a Higher Power was in the process of making the ref's innards purge themselves from his body after such an atrociously bad call.


bnat said...

cough drop...

JamesD'Troy said...

Yeah, I saw that too and thought he was merely coughing up a tic-tac. Now...not so much. That it came at the start of just awful sequence of calls and penalties was interesting. Considering the BCS, NCAA, and the crappy status of college football in general there's lots to be upset about. Perhaps the Football Gods are pissed off after all, they should be.

I guess we'll know for sure if we end up with an all-SEC, game of the 19th Century snoozefest BCS NC game. That and if FUCLA does the impossible and beats the Floats in the P12 CCG to go to the Rose Bowl as the crappiest Rose Bowl team in history as a form of divine embarassment for P12 commish Larry Scott and the rest of the P12.

Andrew said...

WooHoo..congrats Hoke...coach of the year...this was such a good year...many happy Saturdays..

Ramona said...

OMG, is that photoshop skill or real??