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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Another Real Life Interruption

Sorry for the light blogging this week.  Just slammed at work.  But never fear, I'm working on a new MZone video and Ron is busy at work on this week's Know Your Foe: Illinois (uh, right, Ron?).


Dennis said...

Ron Zook is going to write your Know Your Foe?

Does this mean he will write a brilliant, hilarious KYF that is so great he will want to protect it from getting altered so he encrpyts and password protects it and then forgets the password?

Or does it mean he will get to within 38 words of the end of each section and then move on to the next section?

I'm trying to think how else a KYF could be Zookered.

phil said...

CliffsNotes presents KYF University of Illinois:
1. illini has 3 "i"s
2. they're in Illinois
3. they have a University and students
4. (please insert racy pictures of their female coeds here)

Yost said...


You nailed it!

Watch out, Ron.

Ron said...

So glad I don't have to actually write the KYF now. Excellent. Awesome Phil.

Dennis said...

In regard to Phil's first entry, you might have some fun with this.


While not specific to the University, I used to work with an Illini alum in DC and he was That Guy when it came to this subject. I'm surprised he didn't start that facebook page.

phil said...

Dennis, yes they are real picky about that silent S. Glad you enjoyed my KYF. It only took me 2 hours. I ran into some problem because I had them being located in Missouri. Glad I double checked my Encyclopedia Britannica before I posted. I'm already working on my KYF OSU.