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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Unflappable Brady Hoke

One of the most impressive things about Brady Hoke is how calm he is on the sidelines, no matter what the situation on the field.  Notre Dame up 17 in the second?  No problem.  Northwestern running wild in the first?  No worries.  The man defines cool under pressure.

Well, the MZone has done a little digging and discovered Hoke's pattern of calm in the face of chaos knows no bounds.  The dude is simply unflappable.  Behold...

Here's a shot of Brady Hoke running with the bulls in Spain.

Here's Brady Hoke playing through the American Revolution (let it be noted that the future-U.S. side was down 18 late when this was taken, making Hoke's demeanor even that much more impressive).

Finally, here's Hoke getting eaten by a man-eating shark near the Great Barrier Reef, yet not even breaking a sweat.  Yes, the man has ice in his veins.


phil said...

He's calmer than me about this Saturday's game. Look Yost, I am a little concerned about this game so I want you to go over to State's camp and make them think you are unhappy with the Michigan family and you'd like to join their organization. Find out what you can.

Yost said...

All over it, phil. Drinking a case of Pabst as we "speak" so I can go over, puke and be immediately accepted as one of their own.

Michigan Sports Girl said...

Again, another stellar post. LOVE IT, Yost! Hoke truly is unflappable. Unlike his predecessor and his minions, with their constant gasket-blowing and stuffed animal-taunting and such. Ah, a zen sideline compared to the misery of the last three seasons! GO BLUE!

James said...

Hoke, of course, wasn't actually eaten by the man-eating shark. He's so tough that that the shark couldn't chew through him and ultimately spit him out.

Mikoyan said...

It might be easier for me. I could hope they can't read and would confuse my EMU green and white for their green and white?

surrounded in columbus said...

what? no pictures of the Hokester pointing?

Bigasshammm said...

Perhaps a "Power of the point" post? Various pictures of Hoke pointing to things blowing up. Hindendburg, Death Star, buildings being demolished, etc..