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Monday, October 03, 2011

Seriously, (Little) Dude?

Last week, we put up this post about the Michigan fan flying the double bird at the BTN cameras during the SDSU game.  This week, we think we've met his son.

A late night YouTube tour turned up this video titled "It starts at birth"...

The clip's description put up by poster "DangerousHall" on YouTube reads:

While reluctantly watching the MSU/OSU game I asked my son if he was rooting for Michigan State or Ohio State. His response was "Fuck State." I wish I had coached him to say that, but it was his response to my question. I had to pull out the camera and get some proof, so here's my son using inappropriate language in the most appropriate manor.

Uh, I'm no child psychologist but I'm going to go out on a limb and point out that when you're telling your kid to "Keep saying it" and asking him "Are you saying fuck State?" and topping it all off by encouraging him to "Say fuck State!" then it sounds a little bit like coaching.  I'm just sayin'.

So while I didn't major in psych at Michigan, in my humble opinion, it doesn't start at birth. I'm gonna venture a guess and say it begins when Junior starts copying dad and realizing dad thinks it's a stitch.  It starts when a little boy figures out that when he says "that word" his dad whips out the video camera to record those f-bombs for the world to see.  Again, that's just my non-professional opinion. 

Unfortunately, the saddest part about this whole thing is I think that the Father of the Year candidate heard on the above vid is a Michigan fan.  Just a guess judging by the "while reluctantly watching the MSU/OSU game" line in the description and the "University of Michigan" listing in the TAGS section.

On a positive note, if "DangerousHall" is single, we think we've found a soulmate for him.


Mikoyan said...

Fornicate State sounds more classy.

I don't like the Fuck Michigan greeting of Ohio and I don't really like this one either.

Dennis said...

Yost, I give you credit for posting these. I'm sure your Father Of The Year candidate will think it is just as cute when the principal calls in a couple years.

I'm glad they have an appropriate manor in which to live. You would think someone with the means to live in a manor would be a tad less gauche. And could afford better video equipment.

Bigasshammm said...

Yup. This is what Ohio is like.

Crock said...

so wrong.
Wonder if they are related to the kid that used a Michigan helmet to hit Goldy Gopher on Saturday. Any one else catch that?

Yost said...

Missed it, Crock. Video anywhere?

Mikoyan said...

Speaking of mascots, we had a live eagle on the field at the Eastern game on Saturday. It was pretty cool. There are pictures on my blog. It would be cool to see a live wolverine at a michigan game.

bigGexpress said...

I teach for a living. This explains so much. It's sad really.

Yost said...

big, and of course this kid's parents will blame YOU for the problems he's having, too.

beast in 'bama said...

The most appropriate "Raising Arizona" quote to sum up this story is __________.

a) Well, it ain't Ozzie and Harriet
b) Rollie, you take that diaper off your head, and you put it back on your sister
c) Son, you got a panty on your head
d) You gotta get 'em dip-tet boosters yearly or else they'll develop lockjaw and night vision
e) That Buford's a sly one. Already knows his ABC's. Hit the deck, boy!
f) All of these are correct.

bigGexpress said...

Easy Yost, I should totally be expected to reverse 15-16 years of such influence within two months of having him less than an hour a day.