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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Nobody at Ohio State looks like themselves this year

We knew Tosu* wouldn't be the same this season now that they can't cheat Jim Tressel was fired forced out retired and Terrelle Pryor had to quit because he was going to be banned this year anyway left for the NFL.  But just how bad things have gotten in C-bus is only now becoming apparent.  Yesterday, Tosu* lost to MSU in what one Buckeye tweeted was "a 10-7 blowout." 

And the little nut is right.  It wasn't that close.  The Buckeye offense is pathetic, their defense is suspect and the coaching is only temporary.

Yet just when I thought it couldn't get any worse at Tosu*, I saw what has become of Brutus Buckeye this season.  Just sad.

Yes, these are indeed dark days in Columbus. Or was we call them in A2, karma.


Reed said...

That face REALLY looks like the Silver Shamrock masks from Halloween III: The Season of the Witch. Also filled with snakes and bugs...

GoBlueBob said...

Looks like too many experimental drugs where used at the golf outing in 2007.

Andrew said...

you are spot on....if someone came to my house for Halloween dressed like that I more than likely would call 911.....

Mikoyan said...

Wow even Mascot Man has come on hard times

phil said...

Obit notice:
Funeral services for the Ohio State University football program will be Wednesday afternoon at 1pm. In lieu of flowers, the fans ask that donations be made to Urban Meyers favorite charity.

Tom C said...

@winged helmet. I think the UM website streams audio of the games now.

Mikoyan said...

Mascot Man after a night of binge drinking? Which in Columbus would be a normal night of drinking?

surrounded in columbus said...

it worries me that the person in that out fit may very well be employed mixing & dispensing medicines and drugs to people.

worries me even more that they may work somewhere where i buy MY medicines and drugs.


Dennis said...

Come on. Head shrunk, general flabbiness. Clearly Brutus is finally off the 'roids. See we're cleaning up everything down here.

I'm glad I worked the game instead of watching it. It's gonna be a long year.