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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

MZone Poll: Michigan Uniform Carousel

We were told it would only be one game, remember?

When it was announced that Michigan would be wearing "Throwback" jerseys for the Notre Dame game this year, fans were told it was a one shot deal.  Something "special" for the first night game in Big House history.

We hated them.  And we weren't alone.  As Brian at MGoBlog said:

Tomorrow we'll enter the ranks of schools that dress up like clowns for a little bit of money from a shoe company. 

Bingo.  They weren't about honoring tradition, they were simply about making an extra buck.

But it was only a one-time deal, right? 

Then these trotted out onto the plastic bag-strewn shithole masquerading as a football field Spartan Stadium for the Michigan State game:

If you woke from a coma and turned on the TV, you probably thought Baylor was playing...some DIII school doing their Michigan impression (NOTE:  You might have also thought that no matter what U-M was wearing after watching the O-line play.  But that's for a different post).

Who knew the MZone was so prescient when, in a post lambasting MSU's "Pro Combat" uniforms before the game, we said this:

Of course the response from the ADs and shoe companies is that "it's only one game a year."

Sure, for now.  Because it's a slippery slope.  All these ADs love them a couple extra dollars, even if they're selling out 8 home games a years x110,000 seats.  So I don't think it's a total stretch to someday see even the Wolverines in "throwback jerseys" for ND, "pro combat" unis for MSU, and a "hey, stupid people might buy this!" look for OSU, leaving longtime fans staring at the colorful promotions running around down on the field and asking themselves, Who the hell is that? 

Michigan has now played two of its three biggest rivals -- Notre Dame and Michigan State -- and in each instance, nobody looked like Notre Dame, Michigan State or Michigan.  Instead, they looked like gimmicks used to put asses in the seats at some arena league football game.

Michigan is consistently rated as having one of the best - if not the best  - looking uniforms in all of college football.  Yet in our biggest games this season, we've instead dressed in costumes.

How sad.

But what do you think?  Do you like the different looks and unis?  Sometimes?  Never? 

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section and be sure to vote in the poll in the top right-hand corner of our main page.


Mikoyan said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I would like them more if they were actual throwback jerseys. When the Red Wings do throwback jerseys, they are actually styled after jerseys from another era. The Michigan ones are not, they are inspired by days gone by. I guess I can certainly appreciate that since Michigan's uniform has been largely the same for the past 80 or so years (now there have been minor changes here and there but nothing that alters the overall look).

But Brando was saying the kids liked them....and I guess that's what really matters.

Reed said...

Michigan has the best uniforms in all of sports. Why fuck with it? These rodeo clown duds look even worse than the home ones. The excitement of that win against Notre Dame averted a lot of the negative focus on these jerseys. No such luck this week.

All I can say is, anyone who buys one of these is very naive. Also, they don't have very good taste.

DPS said...

GET OVER IT!!! IT'S JUST A UNIFORM. Every damn college thinks they have the best uniforms.

Dennis said...

I don't vote in the polls, just like I don't vote for elected officials in Michigan.

However, I will say I don't like it when we do it and I would vote no. I don't like doing ti once a year, maybe once every four years and only if, as Mik said, if they were actual throwback jersey's, and not this inspired by crap.

I thought yours looked awful. My wife was reading and glanced up when I turned your game on and didn't realize who was playing for a moment. MSU's looked better except for the fact that it wasn't their colors. Yours at least were from your traditional color palette.

stopthewnba said...

I think everything goes in cycles. Five years from now, we won't have the "classic" videos or photos of the ND or MSU game this year because of our cheesy uniforms. And most people are just going to say "oh, that's the year they decided to get creative with the jerseys ... what were they thinking???"

Ramona said...

I think it was an M Zone post at the start of the season, or maybe I thought of this myself... doubtful. Anyway. The idea was that these throwback stripes looked more like something a new mom would be zipping or snapping over a diaper than outfitting a football team. But as much as I hate tossing out 100 years of tradition, if the team likes wearing them, so be it.

Caring Hands Glass Art, Fine Jewelry and Gemstones said...

Never. Ever.

James said...

I have mixed feelings. I think the giant M on the blue "legacy" is really cool (and it has a historical basis). I don't care for the stripes, though. I could tolerate them on the blue uniform because of the presence of the M. The road uniforms, which don't have the giant M, just look cheap.

bigGexpress said...

Not that my opinion matters, but I can't stand them. They were even worse than the home unis. As far as the MSU uniforms, I actually did think it was Baylor (seriously) for a second when I turned on the game. I thought I had the wrong channel.

BARman said...

The stripes are hideous. I kept thinking of the Bumblebee Man on the Simpsons...

Jim said...

I don't mind the home versions...but the white jerseys didn't cut it.

surrounded in columbus said...

for a different perspective- my 17 year old daughter texted me during the game & told me how much she LOVED the new uni & wanted one for Xmas.

40 somethings don't buy that much "stuff" for themselves (you may have noticed TV ads are no longer marketing to you either- the 18-25 year old demographic is the target of 90% of all TV advertising). 17 year olds buy "stuff" all the time.

things change. the future belongs to youth.

Victoria said...

I disagree with the commenter who said that the young kids like these. I'm 21 and I think they're horrible and I sure as hell would never, ever buy one. I do agree that this age bracket (18 to 25) does buy a lot of "stuff" but the stuff I'd buy (and the stuff my friends buy) are not ugly throwback jerseys, we want the real deal. And it's not because I think our jerseys are some how the best uniforms in college football. They are just uniforms, but it's called a uniform for a reason. I don't look at those and go, oh I see Michigan. I see wait who the hell is playing this game right now?

Ryan said...

i didn't mind the ones for the night game. and given the amazing comeback win, i knew i'd remember that game each time i saw a picture of them. but i also remember thinking, "damn, those would look terrible in white."

then saturday happened. if you had taken a picture of my face the moment i saw the team in those uniforms, you'd probably think i had just seen a puppy sacrificed on national television. (by dantonio. cleanly, of course)

jmacdon said...

Why don't we just go whole hog and start putting ads on the jerseys, like they do in NASCAR?

That would be sweet. A nice Absopure water on the shoulder, an Arby's on the right hip, a big honking Domino's in the middle of the chest. You know Dave Branding is thinking about it.

Then we could start selling plays. THIS TOUCHDOWN BROUGHT TO YOU BY FIFTH THIRD BANK!

This is what you get when your AD is a corporate douchebag flack.

Yost said...


"Dave Branding" -- GENIUS!

Dennis said...

The possibilities are almost unlimited.

This sack was brought to you by Duro, the world's largest manufacturer of sacks (outside of the Michigan Defense said with a knowing chuckle.)

This personal foul is brought to you the Personal Injury Lawfirm of Bleedum and Drayne.

That lining up in the Neutral Zone is brough to you by the Glorius North Korean Travel and Visitors Bureau. Come for the creepy empty towns in the DMZ, stay for slimming diet of half protions of rice.

That false start was brought to you by Diehard. Don't let your battery give you a false start this winter.

That interception was brought to you by the NSA. When you want your calls intercepted (and if you don't, you are traitorous scum) trust the fine folks at the NSA to know the results of your test at the free clinic before the rest of your family.

Ramona said...

I don't usually laugh this much in the morning.. so thanks guys!!

Ramona said...

I don't usually laugh this much in the morning.. so thanks guys!!