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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

MZone Poetry: Tradition

When they came for our home jerseys versus Notre Dame
I remained silent
Because I was told it was a "one time thing" for the inaugural night game in The Big House.

Then they came for our away uniforms in East Lansing
Still I said nothing
Because at least our bumble bee shit looked slightly better than the Baylor shit MSU was wearing.

Then Dave Branding Brandon started putting ads on the uniforms
But there was no way to stop him
Because he no longer cared what the fans thought when he realized some stupid people would pay $90 for anything, tradition be damned

Depending on when you procrastinate at work read the MZone today, you might still be able to vote in our online poll about U-M's uni carousel.  It closes this morning.  Look for the final tally in the upper righthand corner when it does.


JamesD'Troy said...

Friends don't let friends let Phil Knight play 'dress-up-your-doll' with their football teams.

It might be fine for teams without real traditions like Oregon to use these gimmicks. For schools like Michigan, Alabama, and USC however, it is worse than heresy, it is an act of barbarism. Say what you will about Penn State but their stubborn adherence to their traditional uniforms and lack of adornment on them is refreshing and brave. In this era of abandoning every tradition for the next fad for the latest fad it might be one of the last honest forms of revolt to be 'traditional'.

FWIW, Phil Knight(and some suspect Lane Kiffin) has been pushing SC to wear an all-black uniform or all-cardinal uniform for the past year or two. Most of the fans and alumni have threatened to storm Heritage Hall should SC sport new unforms. I'll probably join that mob in that scenario. It should be noted that enthusiasm for these types of Nike style 'Pro-combat' uniform of the moment appears to come mainly from the younger generation. I'm at the point where I believe the 'kids' have to be saved from brainwashing by Nike.

There's alot to hate about Oregon, especially thier patron.

JamesD'Troy said...

PS, a pox on Adidas too for their Michigan uniform abomination.

DrCatie said...

Don't even joke, DB would have advertising in the stadium and on the uni's the second he had a chance. I don't even know what I would do should this happen. It depresses me to even think of it. If we EVER see those bumble bee uni's again in a game situation i will be phisically ill. It is already bad enough that people actually bought them, as I drive around town on game day I see them everywhere.........WHY????? My God are people led around that easily with a leash? Sorry this is a sore subject for me........stepping away now......

Dennis said...

We sport this year's version Saturday night against Wisconsin. At least the most attrocious one were only worn at the Spring Game so it wasn't the national embarssment it could have been. Actually I wondered if they wore them to try to distract from some other issues about tattoos and some such that was going on at the time. :)

I saw both sets of our pro combat uniforms we wore againt you guys the last two years over the summer. When you come out of the elevator on the third floor of the Ronald McDonald House in Columbus there is life sized picture of Jim Tressel and his wife. Behind and to the left of Jim Tressel is the team lined up on your field before the game in the 2009 pro combat uniforms, to the right of Mrs. Tressel is a similar pose of the team in the 2010 pro combat uniforms. The whole thing is probably 10 feet high and 60 feet wide. It would look a lot better to me if we were in our actual uniforms.

If you have a Michigan child who is also scared of clowns, you can terrify them with this.

surrounded in columbus said...

i'll say this about tsio's unis- they at least RESEMBLE a former uniform. if you look at the uniforms worn by the team being honored, this year the 1961 team, the Nike uniform today at least makes an attempt to look like the 1961 uniform (as did the previous versions).

as i've said before, i don't mind throwbacks if they are actually throwbacks- the NFL has done terrific things w/ their historically accurate throwback line.

my problem w/ these M uniforms is that they're not really throwbacks- they're "interpretations" very loosely based off a 1900 era design. the new unis don't look like a previous uniform- they're not throwbacks.

i understand that because our uniform has changed so very little since they went to hard helmets that there's very little difference between the current version and any real throwbacks (helmet numbers? letter/number size? trim?) but those are the facts of life- our every day unis are damned near throwbacks already. live w/ it (that's what the Browns essentially do).

Bigasshammm said...

Isn't there a public email address for the athletic department or DB in general? Perhaps we as dedicated M fans should have it posted on the site so that anytime we feel we can let DB know (in a non MSU way) exactly how we feel about his changes as a collective.

Just a thought.

Mikoyan said...

Not to be "that guy" but they have had advertisement on their uniforms the minute Nike put the Swoosh on them.

As for "throwback" uniforms, I'm with SiC, I only like them if they are actual throwbacks.

Ryan said...

bad news is, that stuff works. i'm gong to arby's now.

scott said...

The uniform stuff blows but Im an oldtimer and I now sound like my parents.

But take a look at who is enjoying his new job.


Dennis said...

Hey, where is the Ro*tel? Does Michigan think they are bigger than the B1G? Jim Delaney would want a cut on that action and there is no way Ro8tel would be left off.

hs8bern said...

my god thats something my old team TOSU might do! LOL its too funny but that is what happens when your the money maker at your university!
But you have to support the sports that would wither on the vine with out that cash infusion from football&basketball. Sort of like whats happing in this country where the ones who earn money are expected to carry the lazy ones on our coat tails! Oh well still to funny and that day is coming soon when they sell everypart of the uniform and stadium and next will be "Walmart presents tonites game The Wolverines vs Boilermakers"

phil said...

If they could do a Hooters or Wing House commercial on the uniform, I may not need as many healing pictures.

Dennis said...


Dress the cheerleaders like Hooter's girls. Yeah, folks will wonder why your cheerleaders are in Texas colors, but the younger demographic will be happy and it will get the team fired up. Right?