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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Minnesota Football "Hype" Video

Want to know why Minnesota is where they are?  Watch the video below.  It's of the Gophers standing in a buffet line and eating before their game against Michigan last weekend.  And it wasn't posted to YouTube by some Michigan fan who snuck in the dining area and secretly recorded the team for nefarious Internet reasons or to make the Gophers look silly.  Nope.  It was posted by Gopher Sports, "the official YouTube channel of Minnesota athletics."

Fire up, Gopher fans!

And the reason for posting this was...?

Minnesota Football: Get some! (tasty chicken and perfectly cooked corn)


Clinging By The Fingernails said...

Absolutely serious question: Is this how we feed our players (on the road, or I guess I should also ask, at home)? Hotel buffet food?

Because if so: ugh. Or not, if someone can assure me that when it comes to football teams, hotel buffets pull out a few more stops and do better than they do for the average wedding reception.

One hopes. One does hope.

Yost said...

LOL, CbtF!