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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Michigan RB Coach Fred Jackson: Through the Years

Much has been made around the Michigan blogosphere about running back coach Fred Jackson's longevity on the U-M staff.  But we didn't realize just how long he's been in A2 until we started going back through the U-M football archives.  His uninterrupted tenure is nothing short of stunning.

So today, we honor this iron man of maize and blue coaches with a look back at his never-ending career in our MZone exclusive:

Fred Jackson: Through the Years

1902 team photo showing Fred Jackson (far right) during his 6th season in A2

Fred Jackson and Fielding Yost at Michigan Stadium construction site in 1927

Fielding Yost shows off newly built Michigan Stadium to Fred Jackson

Fred Jackson praises Tom Harmon in 1939 TIME interview

Fred Jackson lavishes more praise on U-M backs in '56 SI story

Fred Jackson and Don Canham at the press conference announcing Bo's hiring


Yost said...

Special thanks to Rigby on the outstanding 'Shop work for this post!

GoBlueBob said...

I heard Fred assisted the doctor when Yost was born.

phil said...

It's well known that the World's Most Interesting Man modeled himself after Fred.

Bigasshammm said...

For all you female fans out there...

So Fred's related to the Cullens?

GoBlueBob said...

I could not help but notice the Bo press conference had microphones for every one of the Detroit broadcast stations at the time (all four of them). Of course when Fred started they did not even have radio.

surrounded in columbus said...

gold. pure gold.

Caring Hands Glass Art, Fine Jewelry and Gemstones said...

Nicely done!

I have a question that is off topic. The Michigan contract has been out for the Alabama game. We are getting paid $4.7million dollars to play them plus 25,000 tickets to sell and keep the proceeds. I have searched everywhere and can NOT find how much Alabama is getting to play us. I am assuming it is less, but the curiosity is killing me! Anyone know?

Mikoyan said...

I hope those 25,000 tickets don't end up like the bowl agreements where the school has to eat whatever isn't sold.

Caring Hands Glass Art, Fine Jewelry and Gemstones said...

I just read Brian's blog, didn't realize he had posted about it. I read it somewhere else and it said that we keep the proceeds from the ticket sales. (I don't know if we have to buy them out though).

More concerning, this "marketing" of Michigan......I have said it before and you all knock me down, but serously this IS Michigan not a pizza company. We have a solid product that needs to be maitained not rebranded .........Seriously.....All we need is a winning football team and they WILL come....they will buy all the Michigan gear, they WILL be Michigan fans, regardless of any tupid marketing schemes like a mascot. UGH!

GoBlueBob said...

I do not think 25,000 tickets will be enough. There are about 20 people in our tailgate group who are planning to go to that game. The demand will be huge. I am excited about playing a team other than the Michigan directional schools in the non conference schedule and do not have a problem that some revenue comes out of it.

Bigasshammm said...

Dave Brandon is a genius no? He wants to re-brand the Michigan image which is the NUMBER 1 SELLING COLLEGE APPAREL in the country. Clearly there's a problem there.

Michigan Sports Girl said...

This. Is. PURE. GOLD. Nice work Yost and Rigby! This post is priceless! Gotta love the longevity of one Fred Jackson! GO BLUE!