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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Is Purdue Coach Danny Hope Doing Herman Cain Ads?

Is this same guy?  Or is the 'stache throwing me?

Okay, I admit it was a stretch. But I'd just read about the Cain ad today and it was so shockingly bad, I had to figure out an angle in order to post here.  Put it this way, I think they'd have been better off hiring our inhouse video crew at the MZone.

ED. NOTE:  Please note this is not a political statement either way (that way lies madness on a cfb blog).  Rather, this is a statement about really shitty political ads, whether or not you're yea or nay for the candidate involved.


Dennis said...

Took you long enough to put something up for the ladies. :)

I've always thought Hope looked like David Morse's character in the Langoliers.

JamesD'Troy said...

Well, it looks like Herman Cain has got the Smoker demographic all wrapped up.

Seriously, the smoker as-exile-to the-stairwells/front of the building bit is brilliant. That's basically half the people I work with and act of defiance.

If Cain produces a commercial featuring hard-bitten drinkers at strip clubs he'll get my vote.

Yost said...


Mikoyan said...

Let's see poltical ad score card:
Different from everyone else: Check
Will take back America: Check
Crappy music: Check

Yup...It's a poltical ad..

Mikoyan said...

And this ad is downright sane compared to his other ad..."Yellow Flowers"