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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hey, MSU, I thought your school colors were green and white

I wasn't in love with the idea of Michigan having throwback jerseys for the ND game and I absolutely hate MSU's "Pro Combat" unis for this weekend's M/MSU clash.  For many, one of the beautiful things about college football is the tradition of the uniforms.  Any changes are consistent with and an outgrowth of said-tradition, evolving over time at a pace that would make Darwin smile.  But with schools and shoe companies trying to squeeze every last penny out of every fan's pocket, you get "one game" shit like this...

Gee, I thought Michigan State's colors were green and white - not really, really, REALLY dark forest green and bronze?  Gold?  What is that, exactly?

These abominations are one of the things I've hated about Michigan-Ohio State the last couple of years as well (no, not as much as U-M's on-field performance).  You tune in to see the The Game and instead you get Michigan playing...this:


Of course the response from the ADs and shoe companies is that "it's only one game a year."

Sure, for now.  Because it's a slippery slope.  All these ADs love them a couple extra dollars, even if they're selling out 8 home games a years x110,000 seats.  So I don't think it's a total stretch to someday see even the Wolverines in "throwback jerseys" for ND, "pro combat" unis for MSU and a "hey, stupid people might buy this!" look for OSU, leaving longtime fans staring at the colorful promotions running around down field and asking themselves, Who the hell is that?


M Fanfare said...

FYI OSU is wearing their Pro Combat uniform against Wisconsin this year. We'll finally see their normal uniform again.

And yes, the Pro Combat trend can go die in a fire.

A2saint said...

I kinda dig the helmets... As a proud alum of Huron High school (who's colors really were forest green and old gold) I think MSU should donate these uni's to them after the game...

Mikoyan said...

Michigan's uniforms have changed over the year but the overall scheme has remained the same and I kind of like that. I do like the addition of the numbers to the helmets though.

But as for one game uniforms...I despise it in any sport that does it. For instance, I hated the third jerseys that some teams wore. It seemed like the Ducks were the biggest offenders of that trend.

Yost said...

Thx, M Fanfare! My bad. Corrected.

Tom said...

They look like Baylor. Watch out before they start hypocritically praying for your heathen soles or decided to file a lawsuit against the SEC and Mike Slive.

Bigasshammm said...

Maybe they're bringing the Oregon team instead and hope we don't notice. Dantonio would go to any lengths I'm sure.

defensewinsgames said...

"Go forest green....Go bronze"....I don't think the sPARTY nation can wrap their heads around that.

Geoff said...

Oregon hasn't worn their school colors (green and gold, in case you were wondering) in what seems like years now.

They seem to have evolved into black and neon yellow.