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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Can't we all get along?

We know things can get pretty heated during Michigan-Michigan State week.  But it doesn't have to be that way.  As the two fans below demonstrate, the game doesn't have to divide us.  It can, in fact, unite us.  According to the Detroit News website where this appeared last year:

Michigan fan Erika M. of Grand Rapids and MSU fan Michelle S. of Long Island, N.Y., walk together across the parking lot at Pioneer High School before the game. They are roommates at Michigan State, but when it comes to football they are "A House Divided," (Michelle) said.

Forget the fact that this proves that Erika is the smartest woman at MSU.  It's not about that.  It's about putting the animosity aside.  Keeping a football game in perspective.  Well done, ladies.  Well done.  We here at the MZone salute you.  For showing all of us what this game is truly about.


Okay, busted.  You got me.

This really isn't a "post" as much as it was an excuse to put up the picture above.  All that "unite us" stuff?  Absolute bullshit.  If my roommate at Michigan had been an MSU fan, I'd have had him banished to North Campus (sorry, Bursley readers).  But I figured at least with the Kumbaya angle, I could fake a "meaningful" post centered around the picture.  If I did that, nobody would notice what a cheap ploy it actually was.

Being honest with you all, it's sometimes difficult to throw attractive coed pix up on a website so noted for its journalistic integrity without folks seeing through what I'm actually doing.  I mean, I tried to write such a phony "Michigan/Michigan State week!" post using the pic below but, well...I couldn't.  And I really did try.  I looked and looked and looked...and looked some more at the picture.  Trying to come up with something.  An angle.   A legit reason to put up a picture of an attractive MSU coed that wasn't simply purient.  But I couldn't.  So I tried again.  Not for me.  I did it for you, the MZone reader.  Because that's what I do, people:  I give until it hurts.  Or until somebody walks in and finds me staring at pictures like this one for long periods of time.  But enough about what defines a hostile work environment, or what you should or shouldn't be looking at on your boss' computer during the big presentation in the conference room.  That's for human resources and a group of highly paid attorneys to decide. 

Sadly, regarding the picture below, I came up with nothing.  But I will look at this picture some more and see if something strikes me.  Anything.  Again, for you.  Not me.  And it's not like Photoshop is gonna help.  I thought of enhancing the picture with Photoshop, as we often do here at the MZone.  Buth...something...told me that no Photoshop work was needed on this picture.  None whatsoever.

And before you mock me, and question my motives - my pure, selfless motives for spending so much time looking at  the pictures above to come up with something for you - take a look at the picture below.  Because I have to wade through a hell of a lot more of the shots like the one below when searching for pics of "MSU coeds" before I find ones like the two above.

But still I do it.  Out of goodness of heart and conviction of purpose*.

*Yeah, okay, that was bullshit, too.


phil said...

To be the first one to comment on this post kind of makes me feel like a pervert, which, of course, I am not. ps Yost, could you post a LOT MORE of these pictures. I'm keeping them all on a CD in mom's basement.

616goblue said...


When it comes to the "story behind the story" and "journalistic integrity" the #1 caveat is to be honest and truthful with yourself.

Once again, you have exceeded expectations.


Dennis said...

They need to get video of the first two making out. The question is, would it get the tagline.

"Without sports this wouldn't be disgusting."


"Even with sports this isn't disgusting."

Bigasshammm said...

"Sports or not this is fantastic."

So hot girls support the Blue but just don't go to school there. I can accept that I guess.

Mikoyan said...

Hmmm...so much to say but I'm too polite to say them....

Austinite said...

Did I miss the part where this fine blog became about posting pictures of hot/hot mess women? I'm a woman, I love football, I love this blog. Totally cool with the pics that make you feel better after a loss. But seriously. A picture of passed out coed with her skirt up? Ick. Can I get some football coverage, please?

GoBlueBob said...

Austinite.... she is not passed out, she dropped her keys and is trying to get them out from under the couch.

Yost said...

Austin, sorry you're offended but I think you're reading into that shot something that isn't/wasn't intended.

To me, that's a drunken Michigan State fan in a comedic post about M/MSU and it being easier to find pix like that of MSU fans than the two above. Period.

Yost said...

(Running for office speech -->) While I still stand by my original assertion regarding the first picture, upon further review, I came up with a funnier pic that (hopefully) can't be misconstrued.

Austinite said...

Much funnier! Hah. Ah, making fun of State kids....such an easy hobby.

justthinking said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
justthinking said...

In photo #2, it looks like she doesn't like the taste of the Penicillin she is holding in her hand. At least she has plenty of Busch beer in the fridge to wash it down.