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Friday, October 21, 2011

Bye Week Friday

Light posting today. Like the football team, gonna take it easy. But I'm not going to totally leave you hanging.

First of all, remember the old days of Beer Bong Friday?  Well, today we cheat a bit with Shotgun Friday and this attractive Sparty co-ed racing the dude from CLERKS who is not Silent Bob.

Next, have I been living under a rock? Because I've not seen the FOX Sports Detroit Girls before stumbling upon the video below.  Helloooo.

Finally, an MZone quiz...

Drew Sharp was up to his usual asshatery following Michigan's loss to MSU. In reading these two articles, you almost get the sense that he wrote them in August and couldn't wait for Michigan to stumble so he could post them.  Which is par for the course when it comes to Sharp and his practice of "annoyance journalism." 

Well, after the two stories in the Freep this week, MZone reader Joe sent us the picture below with the following question:

We had a guy at the Free Press parking lot and found these two cars.

Can you guess which one is Drew Sharp’s?

ANSWER: Trick question — they’re both his. Apparently he must've been drinking his I-Love-Bagging-On-Michigan-Because-Somebody-Was-Mean-To-Me-Once-While-I-Went-There-Or-Something-Like-That Kool-Aid and had to get a cab home after the Sparty win. So both were left at work.


Mikoyan said...

Mass Hat? I don't get it.

Mater? Shouldn't that be a tow truck.

Dennis said...

Gee I can only imagine what he thought of our offense. Maybe he is extra bitter because didn't I see you Tweet that he picked Michigan?

The Michigan girl looked so sad in the last part of that video. I kept hoping she and the MSU girl would kiss and make out, I mean make up. No, I really mean make out.

Oh, keep an eye out for the tinfoil meme that the B1G only suspended Gholston because they want Wisconsin to win out. I was a bit suprised the B1G only mentioned the punch in handing out the suspension and said nothing about Tom's attempt to see if he could turn Denard's head 360 degrees like the action figure of Denard's he has hidden under his bed.

Good luck with our common opponnent this weekend.

phil said...

Yost, use your charms and get the FOX Sports Detroit girls to do a guest video on MZone. The video should be about 2 hours long and.....oh, I've got it......use Dennis' suggestions. Please. And if you don't do this Yost, expect a visit from Gholston. He's for hire just this weekend. Guess he ain't doing nothing.

Dennis said...

Speaking of the tinfoil meme. Saw this in the comment section over at the Only Colors:

Turn the page one year and Wisconsin is the Big Ten’s only hope to be in the BCS national title game so Delaney ignores the fact that Lewan was throwing ethnic slurs at Gohlston and suspends him to help Wisconsin get out of EL with a win.


Dennis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dennis said...

Saw your tweet about UCLA. Ask and ye shall recieve. Clearly the person uploading was in on it.

Guy giving a bad name to streakers since he didn't provide a little something for the ladies. ;)

A funny coincidence, I heard Ray Stevens The Streak for the first time in years on the XM radio yesterday.


Tom C said...

Spent game day in E L giving my Daughter away to a Marine.
I learned to make the boo noise that Snoopy makes. I was heard all over E L.
Ex Wife sent me the next days headline with her ha ha's all over it. Hope the bitch gets run over by a septic pumper!

Crock said...

UGH !!!

What is it about the Fox Sports Detroit girls? Do they actually have ANY sports knowledge or are they just hot so boys drool over them.

I really enjoy the MZone - but the objectification of women is getting to be a bit much.

It is 2011, right?

Dennis said...


I think this is a good first baby step. Hopefuly Yost can work his charm to get them to continue.


Dennis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dennis said...


I thought this would be hard, but here is a picture of an attractive man attentively listening. The closet I can think of to balance is

Actually maybe this one where he is shirtless and smiling wryly at your charming sense of humor is even better.

As to your question, do you really need to ask a question to which you already know the answer? Actually in their defense, they may know sports.

phil said...

Yost, what to do...what to do? It appears with Crock's comment that we are starting to lose the girls on this site. Not good. This may be as bad as the time two years ago when we lost all the senior citizens on here when you posted that blog about medicare recipients ripping off taxpayers with those Little Rascals. Being the genius you are, your 50% off coupons on Jello got most of them back. Do something to make these girls happy. If we do lose a few girls, maybe we could have some healing pictures to help us get over it.

Tom C said...

K, I'll take one for the team.
Crock, you may now objectify me!

Hugh Jaenuss said...

I thought Sharp drove a miata convertible.

DrCatie said...

Crock, Step away from the soap box!

Boys are so easily amused. They are allowed some easy enjoyment. Just because it does NOTHING for us doesn't mean that they can't be amused. They ignore us on here anyway!

We have something that they don't.....not only do we have sports knowledge, we also have compassion, common sense and critical thinking skills. Let the boys be boys!

TitleIX said...

Crock....first rule of MZone? Do not enter the ManZone without back up! Boys will be boys....you should have given the chicks a head's up if you were gong to point out the obvious! ;-)
That is why DrCatie is correct....
We have what they don't.....

Chicks rule!
And...these guys are ok by me. fwiw.

TitleIX said...

Balance would look like a shirtless Tom Brady
Plz and thx!

Ramona said...

Dennis, you have more scintillating humor than I thought would be possible for someone from Ohio. Actually all of you guys have provided more enjoyment than I thought would be possible on a bye week! Crock, agreed, this is 2011 and I think we deserve to objectify in return. So, Yost, your next assignment will be to bring us the 2012 Men of M Zone calendar. Dennis will be Mr. January and take it from there!

Bigasshammm said...

I shudder to think what month I may be.

Tom C said...

Please let me be a warm month!!!!!

phil said...

Dr.Catie, TitleIX, Crock - it's true that women are beautiful, intelligent, mysterious and compassionate. But to protray men as only interested in sex 24/7 with no other qualities is.......well.....you basically NAILED IT!

DrCatie said...

LOL @ Phil!

T9, good to see you and you said it perfectly as always!

Crock said...

DrCatie, T9, & Ramona-
would be proud to hang out with Women like you :)
The reason I follow MZone is because it's usually kept pretty clean, and I appreciate that.
I will admit that I had just watched "Miss Representation" before commenting here.
Having one daughter and another on the way - I'm concerned about what our girls are facing. I had been hoping for a boy - but now realize what a great responsibility it is to raise well adjusted girls in today's world.
I appreciate the amount of input and commenting from women on this site.
Off the soap box now.
Go Blue.

Ramona said...

Crock, I am so with you, it is so hard. My daughter is 8, son 14. I have seen the differences year by year in the school experience and it's a wonder any of us make it through. Those that do will be champions, or at least, beautiful, intelligent,mysterious and compassionate.

I guess the best that any of us moms can do is try to find a way to keep our daughters from repeating our mistakes, and a way to give them a better life.

Now let's get going on that calendar, I am feeling HEALED already just thinking about it!!

Dennis said...

Mr. Brady for Title IX

I'd make a comment about him screaming like a little girl just like he did when he played us. Except he won that game. I hate it when facts get in the way of a good dig. :)

Bigasshammm said...

Having two girls myself a friend quoted a great statement I hadn't heard before.

"When you have a boy you only have to worry about one dick. When you have girls you have to worry about every dick."

Ramona said...

Definitely healing, Dennis... thanks :)