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Monday, October 10, 2011

Brady Hoke: Football Coach, Fashion Trendsetter

Sure, Brady Hoke is doing a masterful job his first year at the helm of the U-M football team.  But did you know what a fashionista he is as well?

He cuts against the coaching grain by going sans baseball cap cliche on game days.  He doesn't don a headset on the sidelines.  And he apparently buys his clothing at the same place as Hollywood superstars.

Read on.

The latest fashion trend sweeping Tinseltown is the "slimming dress," recently worn on the red carpet by Academy Award-winning actress Kate Winslet.  According to the link above, the "fitted garment owes its slimming effect to clever color-blocking – panels of contoured, colored stretch fabric in the front and back, and stretchy black panels at the sides. The black panels are barely visible, which forces the eye to focus only on the contrasting panels – giving the wearer the illusion of having a more slender, yet more curvy figure."


Well, it looks like Brady Hoke is getting in on the act, too.

On the sidelines during the Northwestern game, Hoke wore a blue shirt with strategically placed yellow on the sides, giving him the illusion of Brad Pitt's physique and not that of a coach trapped inside all day watching game film while eating Blimpy Burgers.

Well played, coach!

Below Hoke's seen modeling "The Sideline Collection" by adidas.  Simply stunning, don't you think?

Eat your heart out, Dantonio.

Broke Hoke: Michigan Man. Football Coach. Fashion God.

The Hoke Magic continues.

(Hoke pic via AnnAbor.com, Kate via ABC)


phil said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
surrounded in columbus said...

you can just imagine Hoke standing in the locker room before they head out on to the field, looking in a mirror, and turning to Mattison and saying" "does this make me look fat?"