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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Are you getting pumped already? We are!



Mike Hart's Family Album


Andrew said...

I don't think I can ever get tired of that picture. Mike Hart was the best...i was watching that game in the obx after a hurricane went through...freaking out if they would lose & wonder how they still win the big ten.

Yost said...

Andrew, I agree. We did this a couple years ago and it still makes me laugh. Probably b/c of how much it got under Dantonio's skin.

hs8bern said...

Yost,it really must have caused Dantonio's coaching to be off,I mean the last three years have been nothing but victories for uofm,correct? This weeks game will tell,I think because of the brutal schdule uofm has faced and being able to go 6-0 against all them top 10 teams they played. I just hope there is no let down.

surrounded in columbus said...

it's 11:00 pm EDT, & Jim Tressel is still a liar & a cheat. hope there's no let down from THAT...

Yost said...

hs8, don't you have bigger worries in Columbus right now?

hs8bern said...

I already made my veiws clear on that, when osu decided to win at all costs including cheating they left me as a fan:( So as far as Iam concerned let the ncaa do what they must and restore my faith in TOSU,but until they clean out that snake pit SCREW THEM!

Bigasshammm said...

Yeah cause MSU has been through a gauntlet of top ten teams so far. lol Buckeye sensibilities.