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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

You call it nuts, I call it doing my part for the team

MZone reader Steve, proprietor of the blog Michigan meets S.C., submits this guest post about his "rituals" when the maize and blue play.  I think we might be related.

Way back in the off season somewhere between the 2005 and the 2006 campaigns I broke down and a purchased a new maize shirt. Nothing special, mind you, just a plain shirt with the word ‘Michigan” emblazoned across the front.

Don't f**k with the windsock!
Now, as you recall, the 2006 season was especially good to us.  Going into the OSU game, we were 10-0 -- something we all know was owed to “the shirt”.  So I’m not saying I’m superstitious or anything, but well, don’t screw with my lucky stuff on game day.

Which leads us to this season.

My wife removed a Michigan windsock from our deck the day after the Notre Dame game and I thought I would wet myself. Here we were riding high at 2-0 -- a day after one of the most thrilling victories in Michigan history -- and she removed one of the main reasons why! (although a non-believer might call it a faded rag hanging from three strings.  But what do they know about messing with football karma?)

In the recliner during a game, I don’t mess with much: my drink, the remote, nothing.

If we’re doing well.

 If not, I start changing things around. I remember one year sucking it up against OSU. I changed to the couch in the 3rd quarter and the comeback was on. MLB manages will not step on the baseline when going out the mound to give the pitcher his walking papers for the evening. They must be nuts -- I'm just helping my team.

During the timeout at the end of the ND game, :08 seconds remaining, and I’m sitting on the deck watching the game (I watched the first half inside and, as you know, that didn't work so well).  Meanwhile, my wife was inside watching the game. But during that timeout, she comes out pacing and rubbing my neck! For God’s sake!  Not only was she jinxing it by coming outside all of a sudden, but she also moved the sliding glass door that was in the game winning position.


It was everything I could do to not bust! Panicked, I moved the door back to where I thought it was. How we won the game after that disturbance in the force is beyond me. Yes, I’m certified. But I bet I'm not alone among college football and MZone readers.

And as for the shirt, well, that was retired somewhere in during the first RichRod season. There are some things even a lucky shirt can't do.


Mikoyan said...

It seems that one of my recent traditions has been the spring sacrifice of the M-Hat in the Detroit River. I seriously hope I don't repeat this year as my current one has been through the Tunnel.

But your post is good.

Dennis said...

I am usualy of the rational camp that what I do has no impact on the game.

However, I took my eight year old (then seven) to the Penn State game last year. We were down 14-3 at the half. We went down to get some food and he wanted to buy a souvenir. After what seemed like most of half time, he settled on this little fan that had LED lights that would flash Go Bucks!

We get back to our seats and the thrid quarter is under way. Penn State is driving. Sergei turns that little fan on and OSU stops Penn State short of a first down and forces them to punt. Yeah, yeah, halftime adjustments and all that, but the boy thinks he made a difference so I humor him.

It is a bit chilly so he doesn't have it on constantly, just turns it on from time to time. Not on, short run up the middle. On, Boom Herron picks up 20 or so yards. Off, a 5 yard run and and incompletion. On, for thrid down and 33 yard run down to the 5. Left on and untouched into the endzone. Sergei claims credit for the touchdown, I continue to humor him, but to myself I credit halftime adjustments.

Folks around us heard us talking and one of them asked him to turn it on McGloin throws a pick six. It goes on later and a ball bounces off Posey and the defender and into Sanzenbacher's arms for a touchdown. Same flukiness that gave the ball a nice bounce back to Denard in the ND game. Then another pick six.

We always joke Sergei was the child of former memebers of a Soviet Super Solider Project, because he is just muscle and bone. By the end of that game I was almost convinced the Ruskies had also done some psychic genetic engineering and he was able to focus his will through that fan.

After the first quarter against Miami, I actually got up and looked for it, but could not find it. I can't help but wonder if it might have helped. Hopefully we can find it before this Saturday. We will be in the stadium this week, so if anything weird and good (for OSU) happens, it might be that fan at work.

beast in 'bama said...

You sure we're not brothers? Cousins? Replicants?

During the Vince Young era, I wouldn't go to the bathroom unless Texas was forced to punt or halftime/end game. Damn near killed myself.

I also have a tendency to break things - tools, furniture, drywall.

Baltimorean said...

Dude, give your wife a medal for not only watching the game, but trying to give you a massage when she saw you were stressed. She was clearly trying to help and be considerate, I hope you didn't flip out too much. Remember, for Michigan fan who is trying to manage the forces of fate in their favor there is someone else rooting for the other team doing the same thing.

It is scary to think that we have no power whatsoever over the outcome of a game, but maybe that realization can help us accept the result better, no matter what that result is, and not let it drag on us well into the next week.

Bigasshammm said...

This is my new weekly ritual. I did this the morning of the ND game and obviously it must have worked so it's still out there in the yard. I'll need to go out and freshen it up here today or tomorrow.

I knew the RichRod era was bad when my really nice never seen it again anywhere else flag was stolen off my front porch. It has never returned and I'm still seriously pissed off (2 years ago). I won't buy another one and I won't put anything else outside in this fucking state until we move and we have land and I can't see any neighbors. Fuck Ohio.