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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What your mom would be like as an Ohio State fan

Ever wonder what your mom would be like if she were an Ohio State fan?  The MZone has uncovered the answer and it ain't pretty.

Yesterday, I stumbled across the clip below entitled Mom + Ohio State Buckeyes Game.  The YouTube description below the video reads, "This is sooooo funny!!!! She only acts like this when she watches a ohio state buckeyes game."  But after watching, I think you'll agree with my hunch that that's probably not true. 

Now, you'll have to pardon the picture quality of the clip since the SOB (son of a buckeye) shooting it was apparently using a full-sized VHS camcorder circa 1988 lit through the haze of mom's cigarette smoke.  But you can can hear the audio loud and clear.

Oh, can you hear the audio (which starts around the :25 second mark)...

Folks, not to get all film critic-y, but rarely does a YouTube clip work on so many wonderful levels.  From the utter lack of football knowledge, to the constant f-bombs in front of her kid(s) recording the event, to my favorite bit of "dialogue" uttered over the last year:

"Yes!  We are the shit!  C'mon now, get that field goal, motherfuckers!  Give mommy $40 dollars."


There are no words except bravo.  Bravo and congratulations, ma'am, on your nomination for the MZone's coveted Mother of the Year award.


Dennis said...

Any chance this is the work of the WLA just trying to make us look bad?

Nah, I didn't think so either. However, I would love to gamble against her.

Dennis: Hey, I bet you fifty bucks that the refs only give us one point for the "field goal."

Crazy Mom: I'll take that action.

The thing is the camera work makes me think of the Blair Witch Project, so I likely would not step foot on their property.

surrounded in columbus said...

sadly, this could be half my neighbors. even more sadly, this could be my wife.

and they are like this, for the most part, only during the tosu football games (or when talking about tosu football). that's probably the most surreal thing about living here- the vast majority of the people in central ohio are relatively normal about most everything else EXCEPT tosu football.

Mikoyan said...

How could that not be three points? it was the most awesome extra point ever....ever!

I kind of like the sepia video though. Makes me think of those old football videos.

phil said...

With crap like this on YouTube, you really have to wonder if the human race is actually regressing.
And you said she is throwing the F-bombs around her kids. Those kids are also her future husbands. It is, after all, Ohio.

beast in 'bama said...

Mrs. Bates?

JamesD'Troy said...

Can you smell crystal meth over YouTube? I think I just did after watching that.

MGoShoe said...

At the risk of being ultra-grammarian, that should be "brava" vice "bravo".