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Thursday, September 22, 2011

What Would Ron Burgundy Do?

The increasingly prolific Michigan Sports Girl strikes again with another post here on the MZone.  Be sure to check her out on Twitter @SupportBradyHoke.

Never mind new Aztec head coach Rocky Long’s insistence that he and Coach Hoke’s former team are genuinely happy that he now has the chance to live his dream. Never mind that Coach is still in contact with the SDSU staff -- not to talk football, but family. Never mind that Hoke made his intentions very clear to SDSU officials regarding any future opportunities at Michigan before he signed his contract in San Diego. Never mind that SDSU is 3-0 and touting the nation’s second-leading RB while dominating their competition thus far. Never mind the respect that both universities and each coaching staff have for one another. Never mind that the current group of Aztec players and staff have moved forward post-Hoke.

None of that matters...to one SDSU alum.

Yes, Kyle Turley is still mad.

The helmet-throwing, obscene-gesture making, slur-wielding and self-proclaimed ambassador of San Diego State, Kyle Turley, still has his nightie in a knot over Coach Hoke’s move to Ann Arbor back in January.

The picture that Turley is trying to paint going into the game this weekend is quite colorful -- in a nanny-nanny-poo-poo sort of way. His use of his quasi-creative references are nothing short of borderline outrageous, referring to Coach Hoke as both “a parent who ran out on his family” and as an “ex-wife who one day leaves the house and doesn’t say why until you hear from her lawyer the next day.”

His not-so-eloquent use of expletives has also been enjoyable to witness in his many public forums, including Twitter. My favorite tweet? “Brady Hoke’s dream job is about to turn into his worst *ucking nightmare. GO AZTECS!” Nice.

Oh, and don’t forget his steadfast prediction that our loss to SDSU on Saturday will lead Coach Hoke to be “fired from his dream job.” Really, Kyle? Laughable.

But Coach is just Coach, taking all of Turley’s affirmations in stride.

In his simple, matter-of-fact, good ol’ boy manner, Coach Hoke addressed Turley’s displeasure diplomatically, saying: "Y'know what, Kyle and I really started to build a pretty good relationship and I understand his reactions and his sentiments. We were on winter break, and I had to be on a plane to Michigan that day. No time for official goodbyes. But I'll reach out to him. I have bigger fish to fry with what we're trying to get set up here.” A classy response to the ramblings of a lunatic if I do say so myself.

And with Turley firmly insistent that “karma will be a factor” in Saturday’s game, perhaps HE should be the one to consider the eternal question: What would Ron Burgundy do?


Caring Hands Glass Art, Fine Jewelry and Gemstones said...

Good Grief, talk about holding a grudge! I think Karma will be reversed on Saturday. I didn't like that we had them on our schedule and certainly Hoke wasn't fond of it (I believe that he even tried to have DB buy it out). Sad in many ways. I know our fans will show respect, but hope we beat the shit out of them for what this "turkey" is saying. There was no need to go public with his feelings, it isn't like he is a CURRENT member of the team. Move on for God's sake. GO BLUE!

LB said...

Let's try and put Kyle's comments in perspective. Kyle Turley was an O-lineman, and a big, nasty one at that. His first reaction has always been to protect his QB and his teammates, violently so if need be. There's no secret that if you want a great controversial quote, just ask Kyle what's on his mind. He's a passionate, dedicated guy - and not too worried about diplomacy.

UM had to suffer through three measly seasons of the RichRod debacle. (Ha! Luxury!) Now just imagine if you will that you'd hired three RichRod's in a row. Back-to-back-to-back coaching FAILS. Do you have that picture in your mind? Pretty miserable, right? Then finally the hiring committee does everything right and you get a real football coach who does thing the right way, gets the program going the right direction, says all the right stuff, then just when you think everything's great - he sneaks off like a thief in the night. Dream job or not, there are going to be a few people who are a bit pissed off. Kyle is one of those people who's pissed off - in addition to his usual pissed-off state.

Going public? C'mon now. Nowadays, everyone with a twitter account "goes public" with their every thought. If I have to read people's thoughts about their cats, miserable jobs or ingrown toenails, it's reasonable that Kyle can speak his mind. Whether you happen to like the way he phrases his opinion or not is another matter.

As far as being a member of the "CURRENT" team - does a player quit being a Wolverine upon graduation? Does Michigan disown Desmond Howard because he no longer rocks the winged helmet? I didn't think so. One of Kyle's teammates Marshall Faulk said it all. "Aztec for life, baby".

What would Ron Burgundy do? If you put it up on the teleprompter, he'd say "F- - - You and F - - - Michigan." He'd then take that cute blonde down to the beach, have a cold beer, and enjoy the paradise that is the Whale's Vagina (that's translated from the native German, of course).

phil said...

to Kyle:
-"Lighten Up Francis"

Caring Hands Glass Art, Fine Jewelry and Gemstones said...

Going public with a twitter, that I am not subcribed to is one thing, talking to the DETROIT news, something very different.

Everyone is welcome to their own opinion. I am quite sure that Hoke was fully open about his desire to be in Ann Arbor when his time came. You didn't think that he would stay there forever now did you?

No, I don't expect that alum become less passionate about their school.....however I also know that Desmond Howard can be objective about reality and would not speak intentionally bad about an opponent of Michigan, and make no mistake, he is passionate about Michigan.

Epic Fail LB. Move on for God's Sake. Go Blue!

Caring Hands Glass Art, Fine Jewelry and Gemstones said...

Sorry, but I also need to add......making excuses for a grown man who acts like he acts and says the things he says is nothing but lame. I don't care who you are.

Rigby said...

It's only a game, Focker.