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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Seriously, dude?

You're at the Michigan game, cheering the Wolverines on, when you notice the BTN camera suddenly pointing your way.  Quick, what do you do?

If you're this asshat you...fly a double bird?

Dude, you are an absolute embarrassment.  And no, I don't care if you call yourself a Michigan fan (I certainly don't).  If you're a regular reader, you know we have a zero tolerance for this crap, even if it's done by someone "cheering" for the Maize and Blue.  'Cause this is the slippery slope stuff that leads to a gameday atmosphere where things get out of hand, like when this sort of nonsense is directed at opposing fans instead of directly into a camera. 

Even worse, while this sort of thing is (thankfully) not something that happens often at The Big House, it will be used to equate Michigan fans with more, shall we say, "passionate" fan bases.  Fans of schools such as, oh, I don't know, Ohio State - where "Fuck Michigan!" is tossed around like a holiday greeting, the school president once had to apologize to an entire fan base and wearing your Michigan gear is done at your own risk - who will point to your classless gesture as way to say, "See!  It's the same at Michigan!"

So nice going, jackhole.

(I don't know if "Hat Tip" is the right word for leading me to this pic, but I found it on Gerd's Michigan Monday.  Also, if you'd like to see the actual BTN clip of the above still, check out MGoDisney's YouTube vid of the 3rd quarter and go to the 7:30 mark.)


SierraSpartan said...

Fat slob? Check.

T-shirt tucked in to show his awesome 12-pack abs? Check.

Just-For-Men usage on the chinstrap area of his scraggly beard? Check.

Sideways #1 gesture? Check.

You guys sure this doofus ain't a tOSU plant?

SierraSpartan said...

Or perhaps a fan of WfVU?

Mikoyan said...

what is he upset about anyway? Michigan was winning. I guess this is one of the reasons why I don't like the added "You suck" on the third down song. It sounds trashy.

Crock said...

just awful. what a disgrace.

surrounded in columbus said...

i dunno. you got about 9 or 10 M fans in this pic (at least that you can actually see up close). one of them is acting like a dumbass.

that seems about right to me- one outta 9/10, or 10/11% of the fan base. that seems like it's probably representative of the number of douchebags we have in a given sampling. no fan base is flawless or devoid of bad apples.

i think the more telling aspect of this is NOT that we have the few fans that act like jackasses, but the reaction they create in the other 90%.

MGoShoe said...

You can pick your friends, but you can't pick who self-identifies themselves as Michigan fans. Unfortunately.

Dennis said...

As a pleasantly plump OSU fan, we typically don't tuck outside the office and church and even those two are not a given. The phrase Walmart Wolverine comes to mind.

Maybe he is a TWC employee still bitter over their dispute with the BTN?

The guy who stole his wife/ran over his dog/got his little girl in the family way was operating the camera?

The cameraman had a picture of Kyle Turley right above the lens?

He was so drunk he got his fingers confused?

Night games - check
NCAA violations - check
"Throwback Jersey's" - check
Fans making an ass of themselves on camera - check
Cute mascot for the kids
Winning 10 games or more a season (with or without an asterisk :) )

You guys are just a couple steps from becoming us.

Seriously, I was pleased with the interactions I saw between Colorado fans and OSU fans last weekend when I took my 8 year old to the game. I think we are making some improvements, but I suspect it probably was due to a combination of the Miami debacle and our general unease as to what kind of football team we have, so some folks might be a shade more humble than in years past.

I will admit we have more than our fair share of "fans" like the guy in the picture as SiC will gladly point out. The one guy the last few weeks that is upset that Gerd does Michigan Monday (because, according to him, no OSU website should pay any attention to Michigan) is a prime example of the kind of moronic fan SiC talks about. I guess we can talk about them the week of the game and after (assuming we win) but the rest of the year you should be They-Who-Should-Not-Be-Named,-Discussed,-Or-Even-Acknowledged-To-Exist.

I think your word verifcation is biased, for this post mine was mutosu, which sounds like some kind of insult.

surrounded in columbus said...

would be more interested to hear how the tosu crowd reacts after this Saturday's game. or Wisconsin.

Dennis said...

I agree. I'll be working both games, not sure how much I will see, even if I am running a register, I only see so much.

Wisconsin and OSU are getting a nasty little rivalry going because they have had the nerver to upset (or expose depending on your POV) us the last few years.

My impression is OSU tends to get along with Sparty, that whole enemy of my enemy thing, though there was a little bitterness after '98. The fact we haven't played them regularly also helps.

I'm not sure what to make of our game against MSU. Their offensive line seems awful and we should get to Cousins, but our LBs haven't been stellar against the pass so he may get quick passes off. Our offense against their defense should be in there favor. My early thought is low scoring affair that we barely win. I'm thinking something similar to the Cowboys Redskins game this past week. If there are lots of points MSU is winning.

surrounded in columbus said...

you get along w/ Sparty because you always beat them.

i don't think they're very good this year (as shown by ND). however, should they win, i would guess the home fans won't be all that hospitable.

you say you are working the cash register? are you volunteering for a local charitable group that gets one of the stands for the game as a fund raiser?

Ramona said...

Is it better to publish the guy's pic, hoping he'll be shamed into correcting his lack of class on camera? or just ignore him? I vote for don't give him his 15 seconds of fame.

TitleIX said...

The ticket stub in the pocket just adds a whole layer of Hottt....

Yost said...


There is no fame, only shame here.

Dennis said...


Yep. The gymnastic boosters for my older (still getting used to saying that) son's team. I work some Crew games as well, though with everything with the the new baby, I worked almost no Crew games and this will be the first game I work this season.

GoBlueBob said...

I agree with Mik about the "you suck" at the end of Temptation (the third down song). I also do not like it when they boo when the opposing band s introduced and yelling "who cares" when the opposing players are introduced. These are 18 to 22 year old college students. What ever happened to sportsmanship? I know our band and players are subjected to this kind of thing when visiting other stadiums but that does not mean we should do the same thing. Michigan fans should be better than that. You can still respect your opponents and cheer loudly for your team. I am not sure everyone would agree with me on this but I have tried to teach my sons that sportsmanship is important.

Mikoyan said...

The funny part is that I don't mind it so much at the hockey games but that's a different crowd.

Bigasshammm said...

I don't mind the "who cares" but the "you suck" definitely needs to only be used certaing games. ND, MSU, Ohio to name 3. It definitely shouldn't be used for the cupcake games ever. Someone on their sideline should hold up a sign that says "tell us something we don't know"

Heck during the cupcake games we should say "thank you" after we stop them on third down. Especially ever since the horror.

Dennis said...

Amen, GoBlueBob. My parents were born in the late 20s and the only group Dad would boo were the refs. Mom didn't even think that was appropriate she was from the Icy Stare tribe.

I kept telling Sergei he couldn't boo Colorado and he kept pointing out other folks were booing. Which led to the discussion about if everyone jumped off a bridge...

Ramona said...

Yeah, I was a little taken aback when they started the "You suck" and everyone kind of laughed it off - it was the novelty then - but it became a staple, which does bother me. A lot of kids in that stadium.

GoBlueBob said...

I also really wondered over the last few seasons why the students would still do the "you suck" on third down stops when Michigan was down by 20+ points and getting blown out yet again late in the game.

surrounded in columbus said...

because when you're 20, saying "you suck" is fun, regardless of the score.

Brian said...

I think I am more embarrassed by your reaction than the slob in question. You aren't going to get every member of a 110,000-person audience to genuflect to your standards. Trying just makes you sounds pompous.

Congrats for drawing more attention to what you are so embarrassed over than it would have received otherwise.

Yost said...

Gee, you really told me, Brian.

Although, I'm more embarrassed that you were so embarrassed that you felt the need to post come post your comment on something you find so embarrassing.

Say what?

Ramona said...

It's more pompous to use the word, "genuflect" in this context. There's nothing pompous about posting a picture of someone being a bit of a jerk - the subject clearly didn't mind making his appearance in front of the camera. Also, I dislike "straw man" attacks. No one is suggesting that 110,000 people conform to "his" standards. It's just a picture of a football fan and this is a football blog.

Yost said...

Thanks, R!

Plus, call me crazy, but I don't think "don't be a douchebag" are "my" standards.