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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Ohio State Still Doesn't Get It

Talk about hypocrisy.

When we last left our friends in C-bus, they were throwing disgraced former coach Jim Tressel under the bus to the NCAA, saying he - and he alone - was responsible for the violations Ohio State* now finds itself faced with.

Gee, how things change in two weeks.

In the last week, a tribute to The Dirty Vest was added to the main hallway of the Woody Hayes Athletic Center.  According to the Dispatch article linked above, "included are such statistics as his career record at Youngstown State and Ohio State, national championships, Big Ten championships, record against Michigan, All-Americans and Academic All-Americans. Below that are photos from various seasons."

Here's a pic:


I'm still trying to decide if this is Tosu* being utterly clueless, arrogant beyond words, or a giant heaping mixture of both. 

I thought the official word out of C-bus was that Sweaterboy was solely to blame and Tosu* utterly ashamed of the current mess.  If that's the case, how the hell does a school do this mere days after the man in the shrine went before the NCAA to admit that he was a cheater?  Or school officials simply that stupid as to how this appears?  (it is OSU*, after all).  I guess when Gene "See no evil" Smith and Gordon "I hope the coach doesn't fire me" Gee are in charge, any combination of the above shouldn't come as a surprise.

Your move, NCAA.  I can only hope that you "enshrine" The Dirty Vest's "accomplishments" by giving Tosu fans some sanctions with teeth to remember him by. 


GoBlueBob said...

Where is the display with Sweatervest & Pryor and Woody & Bauman? Some tribute... the two winningest coaches at tosu both forced to resign under strange circumstances. Next, they will retire numbers 2 and 58. Go figure.

phil said...

What is it about "it was a federal investigation and required secrecy" that you guys at MZONE don't understand????

p.s.(when are we going to start a search party for whetstonebuck?)

Mikoyan said...

What about srudoff? Haven't seen him here in a while either. Or does he live near Cincinatti and has an affinity for vinyl?

surrounded in columbus said...

oh, they'll be back.

yeah, the whole scandal thing is a problem now, but mark my words, when tosu wins 8+ games this season, and beats us again?

yeah, they'll be back as if none of this ever happened. no matter what the ncaa does, whether they go to a bowl or not, if they beat us? none of this will even dent them.

if the last decade should have taught michigan fans anything, it's that to tosu fans, a "W" is this only thing that matters.

Rigby said...

Very poor judgement by tOSU with the timing. I don't have a problem with the mural...he accomplished a lot during his time. But unveiling it now, with all of the ongoing NCAA investigations is irresponsible and arrogant.

surrounded in columbus said...

so, 3 more tosu players taking "stuff" this summer.

can't wait to see how they blame Sweaterboy for this instead of taking responsiblity for a non existent compliance department

cms said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TitleIX said...

So, here's the thing.
I can't even wrap my mind around the idiocy involved here.
Or the brilliance...
Ponder me this:
You are the PR guy for tUOS. The reputation and image of your employer is in the crapper. What on earth do you do????
Do you cave? Circle the wagons? Eat humble pie??

Or, you do what brainiac
Dan Wallenberg, director of athletics communications
215 St. John Arena
410 Woody Hayes Dr.
Columbus, OH 43210-1166
does....go balls out, common sense, and propriety be damned and canonize the criminal behavior.
Double speak at it's pinnacle.

Nice job, Dan Wallenberg, media guru guy.
Getting paid the big bucks to be the biggest douche in town.....

Mikoyan said...

As Harrison Ford said in "Clear and PResent Danger", "No sense in diffusing a bomb after its gone off..."