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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nobody Puts Denard in a Corner

Now playing at the MZone Theater.

ED. NOTE: I know, I know. But after seeing Andy's Wallpaper and this pic numerous times, I couldn't resist the funny.  Just be thankful I couldn't find the actual clip of the above or instead of this 'Shop, you'd be watching an MZone video to this song.


Dennis said...

I want to make a snarky comment since this is roughly the same pose but a different picture from Andy's, so I am sensing a trend to exploit. However, as I've said elsewhere, I admire and respect Denard's love of the game and just general positive attitude. While I hope he throws 3 picks and runs for -50 yards on on 11/26, I can't knock his exuberence.

Yost said...

I'm the biggest UM fan around, Dennis. But when I saw that the second time, I couldn't resist the funny.